10 Helpful Pieces of Advice for Solo Travelers

advice for solo travelers
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Are you headed on a solo journey and searching for tips to make solo traveling a fantastic adventure? You've got company. Someone recently asked, “What is your best advice and tips for solo travelers?” Here are the top-voted responses.  

10. Keep a Secret Stash of American Cash

“I'm not an American, but the U.S. Dollar carries worth in most countries on the planet. So finding a good place to hide a hundred in mixed denominations can get you out of many situations,” shared one.

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 9.  Scout the Local Transportation

“If you have to use public transportation, ask the locals how much the normal rate is before even calling for a taxi, tricycle, tuk-tuk, etc. That way, you can give them the money they advised without any word. Then, if they complain, you can haggle from that starting point instead of starting from three times the amount,” another advised.

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8.  Maintain Situational Awareness

“Keep an open eye on your surroundings. Put a credit card under the insole of your left shoe for an emergency,” a third user replied. “When I was in the Army, we had a saying that sticks with me even to this day almost 15 years later. Stay alert, stay alive! Words to live by,” a final person agreed. 

7.  Learn a Few Words in the Local Dialect

“I learn to say different polite words, like hello, thank you, bye, etc. I also learned a few numbers and words related to food,” one person continued, “Words for interaction with food vendors, taxi drivers, and the locals. It's always good to know the word for chicken when traveling abroad.”

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6.  Within Reason, Say Yes

“I say yes to anything offered. Of course, I trust my gut,” one person said. “Still, I'm always down for a beer with a hostel roommate or taking an extra day surfing. Something as simple as a neighbor at the next campsite offering me a seat around their morning fire for a cup of coffee has changed my trips for the better. And I don't even like coffee!”

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5.  Keep a Protein Bar With You

“Keep a protein bar in your day bag for oops, lost track of time, and now I'm too hungry to find food in another language, scenarios,” suggested one. “The protein bar trick is super helpful; always keep a few tucked away in my bag because you get hungry randomly while traveling. Then, highly suggest it to others,” another agreed. 

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4.  Learn Your Surroundings

“One of your first days in a new place, wander with no destination, get yourself as close to lost as safely possible, and then try to find your way back to your lodging without using your phone. It helps you learn about the city on a very different level,” another user replied.

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3.  Look Out for Mopeds

“Watch out for people on mopeds. They're universally driven by maniacs, especially on a food delivery run,” answered one. “Yes, this is true! I've seen some of the craziest things happen involving mopeds. Those things are convenient but dangerous. And the person riding it is always super sketchy,” a second added.

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2.  Don’t Panic, Be Prepared

“Seriously, be sure to locate ATMs and laundromats ahead of time. The latter can be difficult; Google isn't a good tool for finding them,” one person declared. A second person shared, “Learn to sink wash underwear and re-wear shirts and pants unless properly physically dirty.”d

1.  Don’t Swallow the Water

After someone suggested people should stop brushing their teeth with bottled water because they look crazy, someone admitted, “I would rather look insane than get wicked gastro like I did the times that I didn't brush with bottled water.” Finally, someone agreed, “I got giardia from doing it in Guatemala.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of the best pieces of advice for solo travelers. 

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