10 Places Travelers Swear Are the Worst for Traveling to and Through

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What is the worst place that you've ever traveled to so far? After someone asked frequent travelers for their worst traveling destinations, these are the top-voted responses.

1.  Zinc, Arkansas

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Someone explained that it felt like they “stumbled into the movie set for House of Wax, Children of the Corn, and Deliverance all in one place. They further noted how one building housed the jail, a salon, a courthouse, and a mechanic. “The judge's wife was the hairstylist. The judge was also the mechanic, and the sheriff was his son.”

2.  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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One suggested that there's no real reason to visit Myrtle Beach, noting, “It's like the going out of business K-Mart of beaches.” Another confessed to living in Charleston and going for a drive up that way in October. It was “cold, windy, miserable, relative to, say, Florida beaches.”

3.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Another Redditor explained spending too much time in Oklahoma in his youth. It feels like the state is 30 years behind the rest of the US; it's depressing.” He continued that he and his wife made a stupid decision by taking advantage of a cheap deal to vacation in Oklahoma City for New Year's.

“Everything was freaking dead. I did donuts in the middle of 1st street downtown on New Year's Eve; nobody was there. Nevertheless, there are some surprisingly good places to eat, and shout out to McNelly's pub.”

4.  Karachi, Pakistan

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A traveler visiting Karachi, Pakistan, stated that people with AKs and shotguns were protecting their travel group, so while the experience was neat, it was also cumbersome. 

He joked, “And if you think that was bad, Subway toasted our sandwiches in a microwave.” Leaving several people scratching their heads while asking, “You went all the way to Pakistan and had Subway?”

5.  Phoenix, Arizona

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Many called Phoenix, Arizona, out for being empty and too hot, with scenery that's baron “unless you're into nothing but dirt and cactuses for miles.” One user advised against visiting there for fun, agreeing that the heat was “disgusting” and the scenery made you “feel like you're just standing in a desert.”

6.  Atlantic City, New Jersey

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One Redditor suggested, “Atlantic City, New Jersey, is like a post-apocalyptic hellscape with a beach.” Another added, “Yes, whenever some gambling-industry sympathizer spouts the supposed economic benefits of casinos, I just ask, have you ever been to Atlantic City?”

7.  West Plains, Missouri

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Someone called West Plains, Missouri, a “black hole” before elaborating they moved there from outside Chicago, Illinois. This user described the move as a “culture shock” and suggested, “No one can handle infrastructure, politicians suck, and the weather is enough to give you whiplash.”

8.  East St. Louis, Illinois

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“If stops off the interstate count, East Saint Louis, Illinois,” shared one. Next, they elaborated that they witnessed a drug deal while getting gas. Then, someone high on drugs walked up to a car and sat on its hood at a stoplight. Finally, they stated, “I believe it still has one of the highest violent crime rates of all U.S. cities.”

9.  Sturgis, South Dakota

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Another user nominated Sturgis, South Dakota, and several others agreed. After explaining they were ten when their family “accidentally went when the motorcycle rally was happening.” 

She said she would never “visit South Dakota on purpose again.” All the hotels were booked for between 50-75 miles, and when they finally found a place, there was no air conditioning, and cicadas were chirping all night.

10.  Barcelona, Spain

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Finally, Barcelona, Spain, made this Reddit list. One traveler explained the streets were dirty, and they were “pestered by street traders on the beach every four seconds and offered drugs every 20 yards.” 

Additionally, they had a terrible time at their Air BnB with six guys in an apartment with a toilet that didn't work. “We got three minutes of hot water from the shower daily.”

We hope you enjoyed these worst traveling experiences. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The Impulse Traveler.

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