7 Incredible Reasons People Love to Travel Solo

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Are you a solo traveler or considering adventure? Solo travel can be an excellent way to challenge yourself, experience the world, and learn new things about it and yourself. After polling the internet, these are the top-voted reasons people love to travel solo. 

1. You Don’t Have to Consider Anyone Else

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Finally, someone stated, “Not having to consider anyone else's preferences, feelings, or interests. Old, classic museums, early nights, not fussing about having lunch, doing my thing. But, it does get lonely and hard without someone to watch bags.”

On the whole, I only travel alone. Of course, I take trips with others, but when there's someone else to care about, I shift my thinking to ” time with X” while in Sarajevo or wherever. But if it's a new place, my interests often don't align with other people's, so I'm happy not to deal with theirs.”

2. You Can Walk at a Brisk Pace

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“Other people walk too slow. I had to travel with someone who ambled! It was so challenging to keep pace. I would walk and then stop, walk and then stop.”

“Then I realized her walking speed was my hopping-on-one-foot speed. I'm sure that was annoying, but so was her snail speed,” replied one. Another argued, “Or everyone else walks way too fast!”

3. The Spontaneity

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One person volunteered, “I'm still relatively new to solo traveling, but the spontaneity is why I love it so far. I will if I want to walk for several miles exploring a particular city.”

“I will if I want to go to a specific exhibition or sight. If I want to go to a local park or square and read a book, I can do that too. Simply put, there's no pressure. You decide on every activity or itinerary and can take it all at your own pace.”

“Couple that with so many others out there doing it, too, and it's usually easy to meet people and be social too. I will still go on short holidays with friends in the future, but in terms of more extended traveling, I want to do it solo from now on.”

4. The Confidence

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“The minute you realize you're brave enough to go to a foreign country alone, you're brave enough to do pretty much anything,” someone stated. 

“Solo travel is a mentality that has also affected my home life. I'm more confident, friendly, and less afraid of rejection.” Another agreed, “Yes, yes, yes. Crossing a street in Mumbai, everything else in life pales in comparison.”

5. The Self-Growth

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One of the things I love the most about traveling alone is that it makes me proud of myself afterward,” admitted one. “You're the only one responsible for what traveling involves: booking tickets for transports, a place to stay, finding your way to get there in an environment that's foreign to you, finding things to do once you're there, etc.”

“When everything goes smoothly, it's a little accomplishment. But it is even when it doesn't. There can be something gratifying when you're facing difficulty and have to improvise and find ways to solve potential issues, which works. It makes you grow.”

6. Free To Do The Nerdy Stuff

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“I'm into really nerdy things,” another confessed. “I'm an urbanist, so I'll fly to another city to see what public transportation is like there. The advantage of traveling solo is I can be way more low maintenance with where I choose to stay and how I choose to move around.”

“For example, “When I was in Mexico City, I opted to ride the metro, although Uber was cheap. So I got the authentic local experience, and I was the only gringo on the train every time.”

7. The Uncertainty of It

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Finally, someone shared, “I love the uncertainty of traveling alone. The solving of little problems, tackling the unknown. The conversations with strangers who sometimes become friends. The endless possibilities.”

Many Reasons To Travel Solo

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