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If you’re a bit behind on your 90-Day Fiance tell-alls, we’ve got you covered. The new year started with a bang at the first 90-Day FianceL Happily Ever After season 7 Tell-All of the year. As you can imagine, social media was there for all the juicy details, and the best tweets are here.

@DiaryOtdGirl called Angela’s behavior disgusting.

@Nikalette67 wasn’t having @TLC letting Angela get so close to Yara.

@ImJohnWess213 wasn’t the only one to wish Yara would’ve popped Angela for her nasty behavior.

@SHESALIVE loved Yara’s response to Andrei calling her a ‘gold digger.’

@gOddessdawn was loving Andrei’s reaction to Yara’s greencard news.

@ArmandfrmPhilly thinks Andrei’s got a thing for Yara

Not everyone is here for Yara’s ‘truth.’ Plenty of commenters still think Yara has enough to work on herself.

@BrownViolate thinks Yara sole motivation is money.

User @SherryElls wants to know how Yara is helping Ukrainians if she got a new set of implants.

@CaptPiccard was hoping Yara would get asked about how she’s helping her home country and her people.

@Madame_Wiladina made light of Yara and Jovi wearing Ukrainian colors to support her country.

A lot of Twitter users took issue with whether or not Yara was actually doing anything substantial to help the Ukrainian people.

@GeorgeMossey was just another one to question Yara’s support for her home country.

It’s clear, from all the trending topics on Twitter, that the 90-Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell-All for season 7 is going to be epic! No matter if you love the couples, or hate them, there is more drama in this hour and twenty minutes than most of us can drum up in a month or more. Of course, drama’s the name of the game when you’re talking about reality television, and 90-Day Fiance doesn’t disappoint. Here’s to future tell-alls and all the juicy bits they reveal.

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