Airbnb Guests Discovers Hidden Cameras in Their Rental. Did the Host Violate Their Privacy?

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When booking accommodation for your vacation through Airbnb, you accept that when you arrive at your destination, there may be a few decorative horrors to await you. However, you get over it because it’s just a place to stay while you’re on your travels. However, what this TikTok user discovered was far worse than some ugly curtains or old-fashioned furniture. What she found were hidden cameras. Let’s find out what went down…

A Creepy Series of Events

In the video, which has now been viewed over one million times, the user (lyssiemento) re-told the entire series of events. She explained that she had checked all the reviews for the place before confirming her booking, and everything looked normal. She needed a relatively big place as she was going away with a group of friends.

However, things started to get a little strange when she rang the host on the morning of arrival. She was ringing to ask for the check-in code because one of her friends was arriving before everyone else, so she needed to pass the information on.

Asking A Load Of Questions

The host was up in arms about this, saying that her policy states the person who made the booking has to be the one to check in. Eventually, they agreed that OP’s friend would ring the host when she arrived to check-in. During the call, the host asked a load of personal questions about why they were in town and who they were visiting, etc.

When the OP’s friend got into the house, she was greeted by a man telling her code through a speaker in the doorbell. Maybe a little weird, but not as weird as this – after a couple of minutes of being in the house, she received a text from the host telling her to take her sneakers off! How did she know she had sneakers on?!

After further investigation, OP’s friend found several secret cameras in the house, including the bedrooms and bathrooms. They then contacted Airbnb to complain, and after sending them the pictures of the cameras, they were refunded for the whole trip, and Airbnb paid for their replacement hotels.

To the Comments

The majority of people in the comments section were just as shocked as the original poster. Many people believed that the blame lay with Airbnb, with one person saying:

“Tired of Airbnb. They’re all being run as businesses, not spare bedrooms, and they want renters to treat it like their grandma’s house. Can’t have it both ways.”

Concerned Others

Others were concerned about the potential of booking the same house themselves and wanted OP to share the details of the booking or at least let people know if it had been taken off the website. There were even calls to contact the police, with one user saying:

“You should call them out and let the cops know. Airbnb are useless – they’re just going to do it again.”

How would you react if you found secret cameras in your Airbnb? Should they have escalated the problem to law enforcement? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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