He Will Be Abroad for 8 Months and Didn’t Tell His Girlfriend – Should She End the Relationship?

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Solo expeditions abroad can be the most fun of experiences. You get to see parts of the world that you have never been to and meet amazing new friends who are all doing the same thing. It can be a great way to broaden your horizons and learn more about yourself.

Young, single people typically do these sorts of trips, but that doesn’t mean to say it’s a no-go area for anyone who doesn’t fit into this bracket. A travel forum user (31M) has recently posted about his plans to go on a solo backpacking trip without his girlfriend (27F) but is worried about how she will take the news…

She Is “The One”

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The original poster (OP) explains that he has been going out with his girlfriend for around eight months and that it isn’t going amazingly well. They get along great, and he is pretty sure that she is “the one.” The difference is that he enjoys long-term backpacking and being outdoors, while she prefers being at home.

Backpacking Trip To Asia

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OP has always dreamt about going on a backpacking trip around Asia for 6-12 months and thinks that the time is now right to do it. He is at a crossroads in his career, feels burned out, and will quit his job to shift careers. In between jobs, he wants to embark on this trip around Asia and fulfill his dreams.

He Doesn't Want To Lose Her

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One major concern he has is that he is worried that his girlfriend will feel about the prospect of him going away and traveling on his own for a long period. They have seen each other almost every other day since they started dating, and he doesn’t want to lose her.

Her career is on an upward trajectory, so the option of her coming with him isn’t really on the table, but he is still set on trying to make the trip happen. He has only briefly mentioned the prospect of it happening a few times, and on each occasion, she didn’t seem particularly keen on the idea.

In Need Of A Solution

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Taking to Reddit, he wanted someone to provide him with a solution where he still gets to go on the trip while maintaining his relationship with his girlfriend.

An End To The Relationship?

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How would you approach this situation if you were OP? If he goes on the trip, is the relationship doomed to fail? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Pull The Plug

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The most liked response came from someone who stated that if he went on a trip that long, then his girlfriend might just pull the plug on the relationship. They said: “If my boyfriend of 8 months told me he was leaving for 6-12 months, I’d assume we were breaking up. I would not be willing to just wait that long. So I think you say it to her just like you’ve said it here, but with the understanding that she may want to break up given how long you’ll be away.”

The Trip Or The Relationship?

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Others agreed, with one person saying that OP had to decide what he wanted more – the trip or the relationship. They said: “The opportunity to backpack worldwide for a year doesn’t come up often (or ever, for many people). So it’s for OP to decide if he would regret missing out on the trip or the relationship more and compromise accordingly.”

Shorten The Trip

New Mexico National Parks
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Someone else said that it would be possible for OP to go on the trip but that he would have to compromise on the amount of time he was away. Citing his relationship, he said:  “This is going to require some compromise on the part of OP. My girlfriend loves to travel; I do not so much. When she travels solo, it is never more than a week or two at a time because she prioritizes our time together.”

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