Her Best Friend Bailed on Their Vacation Last Minute. Should She Still Pay?

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Booking a group vacation can be a stressful thing to do, especially when you’re the person responsible for paying for it all upfront. Chasing friends up for money can be pretty awkward, and it can feel unfair when you have to do it all. 

Something that can make matters even worse is if someone bails on the trip last minute before they have paid for any of it. A Reddit user is going through this after her best friend bailed on a trip they booked for months. Should she still demand the money? Are the circumstances relevant? Let’s find out.

Pay Up or Let It Slide?

The original poster (OP) explains that she booked a trip to Washington with four friends several months ago. They have all been excited to go, but with just two weeks to go until the departure day, her very best friend has bailed on the trip. 

When the trip was originally booked, OP paid for it all upfront and then collected the money from everyone else over time. She booked an Airbnb and car rental to accommodate five people meaning everything was slightly more expensive, and the only person who didn’t pay right away was this same friend. 

The friend said she would pay nearer the time, but she bailed at the last minute, and the five-person car and accommodation are non-refundable. It’s very frustrating, and OP has a feeling that her friend was never really planning on going hence why she is the only one who hasn’t sent any money. 

Is It Wrong?

She knows her friend has the money and thinks it’s wrong to ask the other group members to pick up her tab when it’s not their fault. She also doesn’t want to pick it up, as that would mean she’s effectively paying double what everyone else is. 

Taking to Reddit, she wanted to know if she should still demand the money from the friend who bailed or if everyone else should pay a little more to cover the cost. 

A No-Brainer

Almost everyone in the comments section agreed that OP’s friend should be forced to pay her part of the trip, considering she bailed so last minute. One person said: “Explain to her the non-refundable costs and ask her to pay.”

Another user, who had gone through something similar with a friend, explained how she dealt with the situation. She said: 

“I had a friend who bailed on another friend’s hen do two weeks in advance and had the cheek to ask for her money from booking accommodation etc. I, of course, said nope, I wasn’t going to refund her part out of my pocket because she dropped out.”

There were even in the comments who said that it was time for OP to reevaluate the friendship after being left in the lurch. They said: 

“If she was going to pay, she’d have done so by now. The only thing OP can do now is to reevaluate their friendship.”

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you were OP? Is it fair that her supposed “best friend” put her in this position first? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

Source: Reddit

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