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Puerto Rico beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are planning a trip to this paradise island, chances are spending heaps of time on the beach is part of the plan!

If you’re planning a beach destination vacation, chances are you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed planning your beach itinerary. Puerto Rico beaches are some of the best and most diverse in the world. To make your life easier, we put together a list of the best beaches in Puerto Rico you should check out during your visit.

The Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Playa Flamenco (Flamenco Beach)

This beach is referred to by the locals and fluent Spanish speakers as Playa Flamenco, Puerto Rico. Playa Flamenco is located in Culebra, Puerto Rico, about 17 miles east of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and one of the most famous beaches in Puerto Rico. Culebra is a small, peaceful island commonly visited just for the world-renowned Flamenco beach. This beach is an absolute must on your Puerto Rico itinerary.  

Playa Flamenco is one of Puerto Rico’s amazing white sand beaches with azure-toned waters. The beach has a ton to offer, especially if you like outdoor activities. The island surrounds over twenty reefs which are home to vibrant marine life. To snorkel here is an absolute treat. If you enjoy hiking, you will find lots of trails through the lush forests at the island’s national wildlife refuge to find adventure!

Playa Buyé

Playa Buyé is a hidden gem in Cabo Rojo and is an ideal place to go if you’re after a low-key beach experience. 

Boasting crystal-clear waters and fluffy, beautiful golden sand, a day spent at Playa Buyé makes for the perfect nature and relaxation combo. This beach has mangroves to explore local wildlife, a secret trail leading to a secluded, hidden beach, and many opportunities to explore Puerto Rico’s nature beyond its popular tourist highlights.

Due to its low-key, secluded status, there are not many amenities or services available at Buyé. If you visit, you want to ensure you bring enough water, food, and supplies you will need for a day spent here.

Playa Jobos

Located on the island of Isabela, Playa Jobos is a favorite for tourists and locals, especially those looking for a beach with many bars and restaurants. Sunrises in Jobos are a dream, and a great way to welcome the sun is by taking a stroll on its boardwalk, which offers breathtaking ocean views. 

Another great activity is walking the Paseo Lineal trail. This trail leads right to the beach. If you enjoy water sports, Jobo’s has many adventurous activities such as paddleboarding, water surfing, snorkeling, and more.

La Playuela

La Playuela translates into the “ordinary beach,” but this beach is far from ordinary. This beach is one of the most beautiful Puerto Rico beaches. This beach is commonly called “Playa Sucia” and is next to the Cajo Rojo lighthouse. 

Featuring jaw-dropping views of the ocean and lots of wilderness to explore, this beach is included in Cabo Rojo’s nature reserve, and it guarantees a quiet escape if that is what you’re after. 

Playa Crash Boat

Located on the western side of Puerto Rico, Playa Crash Boat is one of the most popular Puerto Rico beaches and the go-to for enchanting sunsets at its pier. The beach features stunning turquoise waters, so swimming and surfing here is a real treat. 

Crash Boat is for you if you’re looking for a poppin’ party scene! This beach is known for its great party atmosphere, lots of rum, music, and food stands lined around the pier.

Playa Negra 

Playa Negra, or Playa Negrita, which means the Black beach, is located in Vieques as is known for its black sand. This beach is unique because of the black sand and volcanic material that washed onto the beach. Tourists call this beach Black Sand Beach Puerto Rico, which allows us to experience a beach with black sand without traveling to Hawaii.  

There are many people that do not even know that Puerto Rico has a black sand beach. The black sand beach has recently become more popular and is now considered a beach visit you do not want to miss.

Combate Beach

Combate Beach is part of Boquerón National State Forest and features stunning natural vistas and world-renowned snorkeling. Visitors can go on diving adventures thanks to the area’s extensive reefs. This beach is a favorite for visitors because of the popular activity of leaping from the pier! If you are looking for fun and plenty of action photo shots of you jumping off the pier, then this is one of the best Puerto Rico beaches for you.

Domes Beach 

Domes Beach is located in Rincon and is widely referred to as one of the best surfing spots in Puerto Rico. It is located right next to the Punta Higüero Lighthouse, which is why many locals refer to it as “lighthouse beach.” 

The water provides such great waves that many surfing competitions are held here. It offers excellent waves all year long, with the best waves being in the winter months. This beach is perfect for surfers or for people who would like to spectate. 

Tortuga Beach 

Tortuga Beach is on the island of Culebrita. This beach gets its name from the large population of sea turtles that visit its coast. The beach has calm deep blue water and powdery white sand and is considered the main beach of Culebrita. There are fantastic snorkeling opportunities at this beach due to the shallow, natural pools full of diverse wildlife. 

This beach is remote and gives “off the beaten path” vibes. So if you want a more private beach experience, this is one of the perfect Puerto Rico beaches for you to visit. Keep in mind that since this beach is remote, there are no amenities available, and you will need to pack everything you will need for the entire beach visit (food, water, trash bags, towels, etc.).

Balneario de Boquerón (Boquerón Beach)

Balneario de Boquerón, or Boquerón Beach, is located in the coastal city of Cabo Rojo. This area is perfect for getaways and family vacations because there are many villas and beach houses for rent near the beautiful beach. 

Boquerón beach is one of the most visited Puerto Rico beaches and has been awarded for meeting strict water quality and safety standards. Many visitors dedicate an entire visit to Boquerón Beach due to the availability of nearby activities and a family-friendly environment. 

Sun Bay Beach 

Sun Bay Beach is a 2-mile beach found on the island of Vieques. The island is famous for its bioluminescent bay, Mosquito Bay, but most visitors relax on Sun Bay Beach during the day.

Sun Beach Bay is the only beach on Vieques with facilities such as lifeguards, showers, and food stations. The waves at this beach are calm, but there is not much wildlife found in the waters, so if you are a snorkeler, you may want to visit another beach.

Best Beaches in San Juan Puerto Rico

Isla Verde

Isla Verde Beach, Puerto Rico
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The Isla Verde beach is a Puerto Rico beach with a long shoreline that stretches several miles. Close to the airport, this San Juan Puerto Rico beach is popular amongst visitors and constantly ranked as one of the best beach experiences in the Caribbean due to its multiple food options, fun activities like parasailing and jet skiing, and various watersports.

La Posita

If you are looking for a beach with calmer tides, you should check out La Posita. La Posita is a quiet beach in Loiza, just a 30-minute drive from San Juan, the mainland.

La Posita’s stretch of beach makes for a peaceful day. Moreover, its waters are calm, making it a great destination to visit with kids near the city of San Juan. The name La Posita translates into “pool” or “puddle,” which is attributed to its pool-like, calm waters.

Luquillo Beach 

Luquillo Beach is just a half-hour drive from the San Juan Puerto Rico airport (SJU) and is located on the northeast side of Puerto Rico island, northwest of Fajardo, and east of Río Grande.

One of the best things about Luquillo Beach is that it is close to the mountains. This makes the beach an ideal location for adventurers and outdoors people alike. Luquillo beach is perfect for water activities and has equipment rental options to make the day even more fun. You can rent equipment such as surfboards and even jet skis. 

Condado Beach 

Condado Beach is located in El Condado, a district of Santurce in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This beach is the ultimate destination for travelers looking to have the ultimate Caribbean experience close to entertainment and vibrant city life. 

Everything is within walking distance of this beach, with hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and clubs located nearby. If you are looking for a quiet, calm beach, this is not the one for you as it is very busy, crowded, and a favorite of all tourists. 

Ocean Park Beach 

Ocean Park Beach is a large public beach located in Ocean Park, a neighborhood of the barrio of Santurce in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This quiet small neighborhood is between the two main tourist beaches of San Juan: Condado Beach and Isla Verde.

If you would like a similar experience to Condado Beach but with less crowd, you should visit Ocean Park Beach or Playa Ocean Park. It has a calmer vibe and is very popular with tourists and locals who like to kite surf. 

Best Puerto Rico Beaches  

I hope this list of the most beautiful Puerto Rico beaches helps you plan the perfect Puerto Rico beach itinerary and list of things to do in Puerto Rico! Whether you’re looking for a party beach to enjoy with friends, a calm spot to enjoy with your family, or a destination-packed, scenic drive, Puerto Rico’s got a little bit of everything. You’re guaranteed to find a beach to fit your needs and wants regardless of the experience you’re after.

Have you or anyone ever visited any of these beaches in Puerto Rico? Tell us which one was your favorite. Please tell me your top picks in the comments below!

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