10 Travel Destinations that Will Make You Want to Stay Forever 

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Going on vacation is usually a way to simply escape the day-to-day routines and struggles of life back home. However, occasionally, you may visit somewhere so enchanting that you consider uprooting your entire existence and moving there for good. Recently, a user wanted to compile a list of such places so asked the travel community for places they had visited that had made them feel this way. Here are the ten most popular responses. 

1. Vienna

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - 23 JULY, 2019: Schonbrunn Palace, German: Schloss Schonbrunn. Pamoramic View of Courtyard. Vienna, Austria.
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One user said that they could envisage themselves living in Vienna. They explained why: “Clean, great culture, good transit, and good food.” Another person agreed with the original poster: “I absolutely love Vienna and I felt like I could live there.”

2. Porto

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One person said that Porto, in Portugal would be their number one place to move to based on their experiences in the city. They said: “It has good vibes, great food, port wine, and nice weather. I wouldn't mind moving there if I could.”

3. Edinburgh

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One person said that the Scottish capital made them fall in love with the country. They said: “Felt that way about Edinburgh when I visited 10 years ago! Somehow my life led me to permanently relocate to Scotland.”

4. Osaka

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One user picked Osaka in Japan for logistical and geographical reasons. They said: “It’s only 15 minutes to Kyoto on Shinkansen, and is basically the cooler, more urban little brother of Tokyo, which I find a bit too corporate and stiff.”

5. Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Another popular answer came from someone who said they could see themselves living in Copenhagen. They said: “I had no idea cities could be so nice.” Someone else agreed: “I nearly convinced my wife to move out to Copenhagen, my absolute favorite city in the world.”

6. Bergen

Bergen, Norway
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One user said that Bergen in Norway was somewhere that they would like to move to after recently visiting. They said: “It’s a perfectly sized city with everything a nature lover could want. So charming too. I absolutely adore Bergen.”

7. Madrid

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One person said that they quickly fell in love with the Spanish capital on a recent trip. They said: “It’s a really nice place to be on holiday, but it would be a GREAT place to live for a few years.”

8. Chicago

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The most popular US City amongst travelers was Chicago. One user said: “Chicago is very easy to live in and there are a variety of neighborhoods to choose from.” Another person said: “I really liked Chicago when I came here for work from NYC and ended up moving a couple of years later.”

9. Melbourne

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In terms of cities down under, Melbourne was the most popular suggestion. One user said: “I came to Melbourne five years ago when my husband (then boyfriend) was seconded for work for a few months. Within 24 hrs I was ready to move.”

10. Everywhere They Visit

Solo traveler
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Finally, one traveler jokingly said that they felt this way about every place they visit. They said: “My poor partner has to listen to me say ‘can we move here?’ every time we go anywhere.”

Source: Reddit.

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