20 Best US States to Live In

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Choosing the best state to live in can be difficult, as there are many factors to consider, such as cost of living, quality of life, job opportunities, and climate. To help narrow down the options, we have compiled a list of the top 40 states to live in based on the comments of Reddit users.

Each state on this list offers unique characteristics that make them great places to live, whether it’s scenic beauty, a strong economy, friendly people, or great outdoor activities. So whether you’re looking for a warm climate or a low cost of living, there is a state on this list that could be the perfect fit for you.

1. Colorado

Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods
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Colorado is known for its scenic beauty, stunning mountain views, and natural landscapes. It is also great for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and camping. Colorado also has a friendly and welcoming culture, and its strong economy provides plenty of job opportunities.

A user said, “Probably Colorado. Plenty of outdoor activity and wildlife… A mixture of progressive and the good parts of conservative ideas… Not perfect, though… No place is”.

2. Washington

Washington State Park
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Washington is home to diverse cultures and has a mild climate. The state has scenic beauty, with mountains, forests, and waterfalls. The economy is also very strong, with many job opportunities, particularly in the tech industry.

A user said, “I’ve lived all my life in Washington, and I don’t want to leave. We got gorgeous mountains, the ocean, volcanos, a surreal temperate rainforest, beautiful forests, and legal marijuana. What more do you need?”

3. California

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California is a state with excellent entertainment options, from Hollywood to Disneyland. The weather is also great, with a warm climate all year round. Job opportunities are also plentiful, with many tech companies in Silicon Valley.

A user said, “California. I grew up in the SF Bay Area, and I still miss it. Beautiful geography with many different ecosystems. Incredibly mild weather. Warm but not too hot and never humid. I love the laidback culture and cuisine too.”

4. Vermont

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Vermont is known for its picturesque small towns, friendly people, and a strong sense of community. The state is surrounded by beautiful scenery, such as mountains and lakes. As a result, the quality of life is high, and it is also one of the healthiest states in the country.

A user said, “We visited Vermont, NH, and Maine last fall. I could have stayed in Vermont forever. It was so beautiful, and coming from hateful and divisive FL, the sense of inclusion in Vermont was a balm to the soul.”

5. Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii
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Hawaii has amazing beaches, warm weather, and friendly culture. The state is known for its diverse culture and is a great place to live for those who love the outdoors.

A user said, “Why are people telling me it’s too expensive to live in Hawaii when that was not part of the question? If I could afford anything, I would be there, don’t you think? So what you want to ask is, if you could afford it, which state would you live in? I still pick Hawaii.”

6. Maine

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Maine has beautiful scenery, friendly people, and a strong sense of community. The state is also known for its excellent seafood and outdoor activities, such as hiking and fishing.

A user said, “Only been to less than half, but we always had a wonderful time when we vacationed in northern Maine. So I say, Maine.”

7. New Jersey

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New Jersey is a small state with a high population density but also has much to offer. It is close to major cities like New York and Philadelphia, making it a great place for commuters.

It also has a strong economy, particularly in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. In addition, New Jersey has beautiful beaches along the Jersey Shore and great outdoor recreation areas like the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

A user said, “I’ve lived in both north and south Jersey, and while South Jersey is so much better, I’d rather live in either part of Jersey than in any other state. Our taxes are high, but we’ve got a pretty good school system, literally the best pizza you’ll ever find. As a gay man, I literally never have to fear that my rights will be taken away because NJ has incredibly liberal legislation in its State laws, as well as some of if not the best anti-discrimination laws in the country.”

8. New Hampshire

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New Hampshire has no state income or sales tax, making it an attractive place to live. The state is also known for its beautiful landscapes and high quality of life.

A user said, “New Hampshire because Free State Project. OP never said I couldn’t also visit other places.”

9. Massachusetts

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Massachusetts has a strong economy, a top-tier education system, and significant cultural attractions, such as the city of Boston.

A user said, “Massachusetts as it’s one of the best states for women.”

10. Minnesota

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Minnesota is a state with a high standard of living, friendly people, and a great outdoor environment. It is known for its many lakes and forests and for being one of the healthiest states in the country.

A user said, “Minnesota, without a doubt, has a good mix of development and potential but not the HCOL and hours-long traffic that comes with it. The cold also keeps a lot of the rude people out.”

11. Utah

Zion National Park, Utah
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Utah is known for its beautiful scenery, friendly people, and a strong sense of community. It is also an excellent place for outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.

A user said, “As someone from the UK who’s never been…I watch a YouTuber who lives in Utah. It looks stunning.”

12. Virginia

Charleston, West Virginia
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Virginia has a high quality of life, a good economy, and diverse culture. It is home to many historical sites, such as the capital city of Richmond.

A user said, “I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life so far; I don’t really see that changing. It’s within a few hour’s drive or a short train ride to most of the cool places on the east coast. Our current Governor kind of sucks, but they can only serve for four years at a time, so the political situation tends to stay fairly balanced.”

13. Alaska

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Alaska is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, wildlife, and adventure. It is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, and skiing. The state is also home to glaciers, mountains, and the famous Northern Lights.

Despite its remote location, Alaska has a strong economy with opportunities in industries such as oil and gas, fishing, and tourism.

A user said, “Alaska solves all of the problems us has, and I get to not have any humans in the same square kilometer as me.”

14. New York

The statue of Liberty with World Trade Center background, Landmarks of New York City

New York is a state with vibrant city life, great entertainment options, and job opportunities. New York is also a hub for the arts and culture.

A user said, “I live in New York – I love New York- I’ll be happy to stay here the rest of my life. I’ve visited a lot of America though- and I love so many parts of America – if I had to live somewhere else, I’d probably pick Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.”

15. North Carolina

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North Carolina has beautiful scenery, great weather, and friendly people. It is also an excellent place for outdoor activities, such as hiking and fishing.

“As a resident of North Carolina for over a decade, I can confidently say that it’s one of the best states to live in. The state offers a perfect balance of urban and rural areas, with beautiful mountains and beaches to explore. The weather is also great, with mild winters and sunny summers.

The people here are friendly and welcoming, making it easy to build a strong community. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are many opportunities for hiking, camping, and fishing. The food scene is also fantastic, with many local breweries and restaurants to explore.

Overall, North Carolina offers a high quality of life with a reasonable cost of living, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to relocate.”

16. Texas

Austin, Texas
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Texas is known for its strong economy, low cost of living, and diverse culture. The state is home to many major cities, such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

A user said, “Texas. More specifically, I want to stick around in San Antonio.”

17. Michigan

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Michigan has a strong economy, good education, and scenic landscapes. It is also known for its Great Lakes, which offer many outdoor activities such as boating and fishing.

A user said, “In the up of Michigan for me. Honestly, anywhere with good internet and no people suits me. Trees, lakes, and four seasonal weather would make it perfect.”

18. Maryland

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Maryland has a great education system, high quality of life, and a strong economy. It is also home to many historical sites and cultural attractions.

A user said, “Absolutely. Maryland is super underappreciated, imo.”

19. Georgia

Savannah, Georgia
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Georgia has a good climate, a strong economy, and great entertainment. The state also has many outdoor activities, such as hiking and fishing.

A user said, “Not going to be the popular opinion, but Georgia. I live in Atlanta, and I love the place. I can get to the mountains. I can get to the beach. We have a great urban scene. I can catch a direct flight to almost any place in the world. It would be hard for me too. Move to a different state. I might be willing to go to Europe, preferably Spain, but not another US state.”

20. Wisconsin

best beer festival in Madison, Wisconsin
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Wisconsin is a state with a high quality of life, scenic beauty, and friendly people. It is also known for its excellent cheese, beer, and brats. Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking are also popular.

A user said, “Wisconsin. It’s nice here; the state has a lot of money, crime is low in the rural areas, and there’s a lot of rural areas.”

20 Best US States to Live in 2023

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