Her Boyfriend Ditches Her on Every Holiday. Is He a Cheater?

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A discussion forum user (24F) has taken to the social media platform to express her frustrations at her boyfriend (24M) for never prioritizing her regarding how he spends his days off work. She feels that if he truly loved her, then surely he would want to spend some of his free time doing things with her instead of always being with his family and friends.

Drifting Apart

The original poster (OP) explained that while she is a full-time student, her boyfriend works. They have lived together for three years, but she feels as if she is far down his priority list.

The biggest issue relates to how he spends his holidays. Over the past couple of years, he has organized beach trips with his sister and went to Miami with his friends but hasn’t shown any interest in going on vacation with OP.

The only way that OP can spend time with him when he’s off work is if she goes with him to visit family. The issue here is that his family doesn’t like her, and she doesn’t like them, so it’s a little awkward.

OP has recently raised the issue with her boyfriend, but he responded by saying that they spend every day together, so he feels like it makes sense to go and see other people when he gets days off. However, this hasn’t appeased OP as she feels like they never get to do anything fun together because although they live together, he is always too tired to do anything after work.

Things came to a head recently when OP told him that she would no longer go away with his family and that she wanted to go away with just him. He refused, which made her feel like he had chosen his family over him. All she wants is a fun vacation just with him.

She took to the forum to see if people felt she was overreacting or not as she was contemplating ending the relationship.

Fighting a Losing Battle

Many people who replied to the post backed OP and said that she was well in her right to feel let down by her boyfriend. Some even urged her to break up with her, with one person commenting:

“This relationship is a lost cause. Do yourself a favor and find someone you don’t have so many issues with and maybe even like his family. You are too young to get stuck with a loser like this.

Others, however, were a little more restrained in their comments. One person felt like breaking up over holidays may be a tad too far. They commented:

“I don’t know the aspects of your full relationship, BUT breaking up over not going on a trip is too much. If he neglects you in other ways, then yeah, break up, and find someone else for meaningful times. I’m saying this because I don’t travel much with my partner, but we do still spend quality time together.”

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Does her boyfriend no longer care about her or is he just trying to keep everyone happy? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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