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Why Europeans dislike Americans
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11 Reasons Europeans Dislike Americans

It is a common saying that Europeans hate Americans. Anti-Americanism is prejudice, fear, or hatred of the United States, its government, its foreign policy, or the American people in general. Why is it so common to dislike Americans?  Someone recently asked, “Europeans of Reddit, do you actually hate Americans, why…

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best casinos around the world
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10 of the Best Casinos in the World to Win It Big

10 of the Most Spectacular Casinos Around the world Gambling has existed for millennia and the first casinos opened for business some four centuries ago. But casinos are changing. Online betting is creating rigorous competition, so casino owners have pivoted to building dazzling edifices that are architecturally unique and offer…

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US Airlines That Get the Most and Least Consumer Complaints

Robert Alexander // Getty Images US airlines that get the most and least consumer complaints Flight delays, trouble getting refunds, cancellations, and ballooning airfare are increasingly pushing U.S. travelers to file complaints with airlines this year. Stacker ranked airlines by those which received the most customer complaints in March 2022,…

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