12 Countries With the Best Food in the World

Countries with the best food
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Living in America and being privy to an exciting blend of multicultural cuisine makes it nearly impossible to choose. But what countries have the best food in the world? Here is how the internet responded to the question, “What country has the best food in the world?”

1.  Thailand

Countries with the best food | Thai Food
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“One person explained they had visited 37 countries, and Thailand was the only country to serve consistently fantastic cuisine. Another said that the food was so good and ridiculously cheap they returned to Thailand a second time.

A third user clarified they didn't mean to offend other countries' food, stating, “Thai food is what I'd request as my last meal, hands down.” 

Finally, someone shared that they enjoyed the local breakfast in Thailand. After returning home, they eat Thai food at every opportunity, “It's the only place I haven't gotten tired of the food.”

2. Mexico

Countries with the best food | Mexican food
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One Redditor clarified that Mexican food has the best food of any country, elaborating: tortilla, beans, meat, and vegetables. “Tortas have a place in my heart as nobody else can have.”

Somebody suggested it's more than being the best cuisine, “Doritos, Cheetos, and even McDonalds taste better in México.” Also, Mexico's fruits and vegetables are incredible, and they confessed, “It's challenging to find anything that tastes bad.”

3. Japan

Countries with the best food | Japanese food
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One user expressed a bias toward Japan, informing that would always be their answer, “The local food is always a guaranteed win; it always tastes so good when they do foreign cuisine.” Japanese curry is their favorite and recommended dish.

Another noted the attention to detail the Japanese put into their culinary cuisine, from taste to presentation. “You can go into any random mom-and-pop restaurant, and the food looks and tastes like a world-class chef prepared it.”

4. Vietnam

Countries with the best food | Vietnamese food
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There is a reason Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain claim Vietnam is their favorite country, and according to this Redditor, it's the food. In addition to having fantastic cuisine, you can enjoy it at a restaurant, side of the street, and even on a rocking boat. 

One person confessed that Vietnamese food is the best and that they could eat Pho daily. They shared a list of favorite dishes, encouraging people to save, Google, and order them. 

Nem, Pho, Bun Cha, Banh My Thit Xien, Bun Bo, Bun Rieu, Mien Luon. “It's nothing fancy like five stars restaurant, but that food will make you full and taste like heaven despite their cheap ingredients.”

5. India

Countries with the best food | Indian Food
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“The problem with Indian food is the world never gets a chance to test Indian traditional and original Indian food,” shared one. They elaborated that India has a delicious variety of foods that aren't the “Western version of north Indian Curry.”

Another admitted that they dream that one day the entire globe is eating authentic Indian cuisine. “They are highly inventive with food, and what I like about them the most.”

Finally, a third expressed their joy regarding masalas (spices) in almost everything from savory to sweet, even soda. “I've even seen these crazy masala Fanta, 7up, and coke drinks at street food vendors. I'd love to try them, but I can't imagine what they taste like.”

6. Korea

Countries with the best food | Korean food
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“Korean foods are so methodological yet are measured with love if you know what I mean,” shared one. They explained that Korean meals typically consist of two main courses, a five-side-dish minimum, a ton of rice, with ten different sauces. 

Apparently, there is also after-the-meal food served in similar quantities. Additionally, the various regions of Korea create a “diverse selection of specialties, from meats to noodles to veggies, even pig feet.”

7. Australia

Countires with the best food | Australian food
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People gave a shout-out to Australia for being a multicultural continent with a massive immigrant population that provides authentic cuisine worldwide from countries, including Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, and Italian food in Sydney and Melbourne.

Australia doesn't import meat, fruit, or vegetables. It's a vast country with varied climates, so all food can be grown there, making everything local and fresh.

One shared, “When living in Australia, we got used to fresh produce. The tomatoes had a particularly amazing flavor we had never tasted anywhere else. The tropical fruits from Queensland burst with sweetness.”

They went on to inform that you can pick Lychees off the trees. Also, they have yet to stop talking about the creamy Aussie yogurt with passion fruit sauce since returning home many years ago.

8. Ethiopia

Countries with the best food | Ethiopian food
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Someone noted that they were impressed by Ethiopian food and asked you to search for a restaurant that uses “natural teff flour for their injera” for the ultimate dining delight.

Another added that Ethiopian food was fantastic and packed with “wild flavors.” They were particularly impressed by the presentation of being served with a “huge pancake of injera sourdough bread.

9. Peru

Countries with the best food | Peruvian Food
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One person expressed they had a Peruvian ex-girlfriend who prepared the most delicious food with much variety and options. But unfortunately, there are few Peruvian restaurants outside densely populated Metro areas. They noted, “Otherwise, everyone would know how incredible it is, and the food would be mainstream.”

Many agree that dishes, including Ceviche, Anticuchos, Queso Helado, and Pisco Sours, are delicious. Commenting, “Not to mention their unique spin on Chinese food!” many agreed with the sentiment of wanting Peruvian restaurants where they live. 

10. Italy

Countries with the best food | Italian food
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Restaurants in Italy take such pride in their cuisine that they watch you while you're eating, eager to see that you enjoy the food. In addition to the terrific taste, the service is top-notch. If you really want to try good Italian food, visit one of the many Michelin-star restaurants in Rome.

Someone explained that they had yet to be served fresh out of the oven before visiting Italy, which is another flavorful experience. Additionally, they noted that homemade pasta tastes exceptionally different.

11. France

Countries with the best food
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France is often considered one of the countries with the best food in the world, and for good reason. Its cuisine has had a significant influence on culinary traditions around the globe, and many of its dishes have become synonymous with fine dining. Whether you're enjoying a rustic plate of coq au vin in a quaint French bistro or indulging in a decadent cheese platter at a Michelin-starred restaurant, the flavors and textures of French food are sure to impress even the most discerning palate.

12. China

Countries with the best food | China
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China is undoubtedly one of the countries with the best food in the world. The diversity of its regional cuisines, from Sichuan's spicy flavors to Cantonese dim sum, is unparalleled. Chinese restaurants around the globe have become synonymous with dishes like Peking duck and hot and sour soup, but it's the country's humble noodle dishes, like savory dan dan noodles or comforting beef noodle soup, that truly showcase the breadth and depth of Chinese cuisine.

Countries with the Best Food

countries with the best food
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When it comes to satisfying our tastebuds, few things can compare to the culinary delights found in the countries with the best food. From Italy's mouth-watering pizzas to Japan's delicate sushi, each country has its own unique flavors and textures that leave a lasting impression.

Thank you for reading about the countries with the best food in the world, according to Reddit.

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