How to Earn Free Travel Money by Using Rakuten

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Everyone likes to save money! For me, any money that I save goes toward travel. Depending on the person cash back can be saved or used to purchase more items. For birthday and holidays people will be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on gifts for loved ones. I use this secret to earn cash back when I am shopping for others, and myself.

What Is Rakuten?

There is a special system that offers cash back for simply shopping online. I have earned hundreds of dollars this year from program. It's called Ebates and it is free to sign up and use. 

I have been using Ebates for years now and the deals only keep getting better. For example, if you are looking to start a new blog, Rakuten offers a deal with bluehost hosting and you get $10 back for buying something you had to buy anyways. Ebates is a perfect tool to cut down on the prices of starting a blog. I personally find that the best cash back rates are around the holidays. JC Penny is offering 9% cash back with a 20% off coupon in collaboration with Ebates. During the holidays, 20% off is a big deal, and depending on how much you spend, that 9% could make or break your budget. This is a great solution if you are struggling with staying on budget due to rising food costs and other items that are subject to inflation.

Save money while launching your blog and earn cash back.

How to Sign Up With Rakuten?

Signing up with Ebates is easy. If you use this link,  you will earn $10 on your first purchase of $25 or more. Keep in mind, that $10 is on top of the cash back percentage that you will be earning for the purchase. So if you just so happen to want to start a blog and you use the link above to sign up and then purchase your hosting through Bluehost you will have $20 in cash back within the first few minutes of having your Ebates account. 

Right now, Rakuten is offering 3X cash back on large stores such as Old Navy, Groupon, Kohls, and JCPenney!

Ebates homepage where you can earn cash back

If you are not looking to purchase hosting for a blog, Rakuten offers so many more reward options. You can earn cash back on gifts and just about everything else you can think of. So give it a try. If you love to travel like me, be sure to use Rakuten when shopping online and cash out your earnings for travel expenses. Sign up for Rakuten today, it is absolutely free and you earn cash back from just about ANYWHERE. 

Find out more ways to save on your travel expenses.


  1. I hear so much about Ebates and have been curious about what it is and how it works. Your post was very helpful. Thanks!

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