5 Embarrassing Travel Stories That Will Make Your Toes Curl

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While Instagram would have you believe that everyone who goes on vacation has an amazing time where everything goes perfectly, that quite simply isn’t the case. There are many instances where our most embarrassing moments have come on trips abroad.

However, if you think that whatever happened to you on vacation is bad, wait until you read the following stories from frequent travelers who have bared all on a recent viral thread about embarrassing travel stories. Here are five of the best.

1. Boarding a Private Boat Trip

Boat in the water
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One user retold a story about a private boat trip they accidentally boarded in Vietnam. They said: “I noticed that everyone on board was wearing all white and dressed kind of fancy, but I figured it was just Europeans traveling in SE Asia. Then,15 minutes into the ride, someone started pouring champagne and passing it to passengers.

I was impressed with the service on a public ferry then the person pouring champagne got to me and gave me a puzzled look as I reached for a glass. It was then I realized I got on a private boat. We had a good laugh, and they dropped me off at the next public ferry dock.”

2. Translation Mix-Ups

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One user told about an awkward encounter they had experienced in Switzerland. They said: “I was in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, sitting by myself at an outdoor cafe. A server came by and asked me, in perfect English, if I’d like for him to open my umbrella. I replied, “Ich spreche kein Deutsch, sprichst du Englisch?” Translation: I don’t speak German; do you speak English?”

“He stared at me. I stared at him. Since I didn’t want to dine and dash and was physically incapable of disappearing into the ground, I just said, “Yes, please,” and finished up as quickly as possible.”

3. Border Control Issues

worst airports in the world
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One person retold a story about their issues with facial recognition at border control. They said: “After 28 hours of travel to get home, I’m going through Global Entry in the US. I’m very short, and the face recognition camera is far too high to see me. So I back up. That’s not enough. I jump up a few times, trying to get my face in the camera. Still not enough.

“The border control comes over and tells me the camera is adjustable and points it down at me.”

4. Flight Attendant Embarrassment

best and worst airports in the world
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A flight attendant in the comments retold a story about a technical glitch that got her in trouble on a flight. They said: “I was the only f/a on a small plane (50 people ), and when I picked up the phone to talk to the pilot, I said, “Can you turn up the heat? It’s as cold as hell in the cabin.” I turned to look, and the intercom was broadcasting through the whole airplane!”

5. A Soapy Disaster

Pod Challenge with detergent
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One user retold a story about a funny experience they’d had in a Japanese restaurant. They said: “We flew into Tokyo to stay for a few nights in Shinjuku before using the rail pass to travel around. We checked into the hotel etc., then headed out for food and some drinks; my friend had researched a place called Piss Alley to go to, which was a good idea despite its name.

We went into a little restaurant for food, and they’d put out a perfectly square piece of tofu to snack on, although, at that moment, we had no idea what it was. We figured it must be soap to clean our hands before eating, which seemed logical, so at the same time, we picked up the tofu and started smushing it into our hands.

All the staff and other customers just looked at us, horrified; after a few seconds, we figured it wasn’t soap!”

Source: Reddit.

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