Family Drama: Sister-In-Law Ditches Family on Vacation – Who’s to Blame?

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A travel forum user recently took to the platform to ask the community about her recent email to her husband’s family. The email came as a result of her sister-in-law’s behavior on a family vacation to Disney World in Orlando. Let’s find out what her sister-in-law had done to annoy the original poster and what she put in the email.

Not the Happiest Place on Earth After All

The original poster (OP) explains that she and her husband had decided to take their kids to Disney World as they are now old enough to appreciate it. Unfortunately, neither OP nor her husband are in great shape, so they invited his sister and her husband along with them.

She assumed they would spend the vacation together, but on the first day, her sister-in-law and husband went off and did their own thing for most of the day. They caught back up at the end of the day for dinner and the fireworks, but that was it.

The Second Day

On the second day, they went to Epcot, and they split off from OP and the kids again to go and enjoy some time together at some bars and restaurants in the park. Again, they met back up later, but this time, OP’s SIL and her husband were both a bit tipsy, which annoyed her.

That night, OP knocked on their door and asked if they would spend any time with them the following day, stating that running after kids all day in a theme park is exhausting.

I'm Not Your Babysitter

Her sister-in-law said that she thought they were spending enough time with the family but that she had been enjoying some time just with her husband too. She also added that she didn’t take time off work to be OP’s babysitter.

For the rest of the vacation, they barely saw her, which upset the kids as they had been looking forward to spending some with their aunt in Disney World. When OP got home, she wrote an email to the family saying that she no longer wanted to speak to SIL again.

Angry Texts

The following day, she woke up to a load of angry texts from her husband’s family calling her ridiculous. Taking to the travel forum, she wanted to know if she was being ridiculous or if her feelings on the matter were valid.

The Problem With Unrealistic Expectations

OP didn’t get much support in the comments. One user suggested that she was unhappy that her sister-in-law had called her out halfway through the vacation with some home truths. They said: “They spent the morning with you and went off in the afternoon to do their own thing. You are complaining that two adults who paid for themselves wouldn’t let you take advantage of them. I think you are about to find she runs into several issues with her in-laws in the future.”

More Opinions

Meanwhile, another user said: “If OP had paid for their trip (flight, hotel, passes, food) in exchange for babysitting, then she could be upset. Basically, OP proposed a joint vacation but expected indentured servitude.”

Should OP’s sister-in-law have helped out more on vacation to Disney World, or is it fair enough that she wanted to spend some time just with her husband? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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