His Fiancé Has Traveled Without Him, and She Stopped Wearing Her Ring. Is This Shady Behavior?

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It’s not much fun when your significant other goes on vacation without you. They are off out having the time of their lives while you’re back home stuck at work. What makes matters worse is when they start doing things that make you suspect that something untoward is going on behind your back.

A forum user (30M) has recently noticed that his fiance (29F) isn’t wearing her engagement ring in any photos from her trip away. Should he be concerned?

No ring, No Problem?

The original poster (OP) explains that his fiance has been away for nine weeks. At the beginning of the trip, he spoke on the phone to her regularly, but as the trip has gone on, she has become more and more distant and now only gets one or two text messages a day.

While he understands that she is busy having fun while she’s away, he doesn’t think it should be too difficult to make time for a phone call each day, especially as she is finding time to post on social media regularly.

She Stopped Wearing Her Engagement Ring

Within these social media posts, he has noticed that she hasn't been wearing her engagement ring in all of the recent photos she has taken since being away. Whether the picture is a selfie she has taken or a picture with a group of people in a bar – the one consistent theme is no engagement ring.

Up until around three weeks into the trips, her engagement ring was on, so it’s not as if she’s forgotten to take it with her, and she hasn’t mentioned that she last it.

OP has also noticed that the same guy seems to be cropping up in a lot of photos. He doesn’t know who this guy is, but one night, when he was on the phone with his fiance, he knocked on her hotel door and asked if she wanted to grab dinner.

Taking to Reddit, OP wanted to know whether she should be concerned about the fact that she stopped wearing her engagement ring and the mystery man in the photographs.

An Honest Conversation is Needed

The majority of people who commented on the thread were reluctant to jump to too many conclusions, as OP’s fiance could have a perfectly good explanation for the lack of an engagement ring in recent posts.

One user said: “I take off my engagement ring all the time for various reasons, some of which include: cooking, cleaning, swimming, if my fingers swell up when I’m on my period if I’m going to an unsafe area… the list goes on.”


Others speculated that the engagement ring alone wasn’t an issue, but the recurrence of this new man was, while another person said that they would be “pretty darned concerned if I were you.”

Overall, though, the best piece of advice came from those who told him to simply tell his fiance how he was feeling so that she could explain the situation to him. While it may be uncomfortable, it’s the only way he will get to the bottom of it.

Would You Feel Uncomfortable?

Would you feel uncomfortable if you felt that your partner was growing more distant from you while they were on a long-term trip abroad? Should OP be worried about the future of his relationship? Let us know in the comments.

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