Social Media Reveals Hack to Get Cheap Flights. Did You Know About This?

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Getting cheap flights when planning a trip overseas is important, particularly if you are trying to go somewhere on a budget. Getting a bargain on your flights can mean having extra funds available for activities while you are there or for more luxurious accommodation. A TikTokker has recently shared a video explaining how the obtain cheap flights, and it’s well worth a watch for anyone looking to book a vacation any time soon. 

A Hack So Simple Yet So Effective

The user, named Sam, started off the video by saying that prospective travelers should NEVER go directly to an airline when looking to book flights. Instead, they should head to Google, type “google flights” into the search bar, and hit enter. 

From there, they should select the first result and put in the airport they want to fly from, the dates they want to travel, and tick the option for “round trip.” Sam says one thing you shouldn’t do is enter your desired destination. 

Instead, Sam says you should then select the map that will come up below the search engine. From there, they will see a whole host of bargain flights all over the world, all departing from their designated airport. 

Be Flexible With Dates

Users can be more flexible with their dates to get an even cheaper deal. They can select certain months rather than specific dates and simply choose the length of time they want to go away for. This should bring up even cheaper results. 

To ensure you aren’t being conned into having to deal with a long layover, you are also able to select the “nonstop” tab. By doing this, users will only be shown flights that go directly to their destination. This means no waiting around in connecting airports ever again!

Sam went on to say that airlines want to avoid people knowing about this hack because it means travelers can nab flights at a cheaper rate than if they went to airlines directly. The video currently has over 400k likes, which suggests it has helped a significant number of people. 

A Dubious Comments Section 

Despite the hack being perfectly legitimate, many of the users in the comments weren’t a massive fan of employing this trick for one major reason – they weren’t fans of the airlines that Google tried to pair you with.

In a comment that amassed over 1000 likes, one user said: “If the round trip to New York is with Spirit or Frontier, I’d rather walk from Miami to New York,” in reference to two US airlines that receive a bad wrap from customers. Another user agreed, saying that they weren’t a “fan” of either airline. 

Other users were more positive about the hack, with one person saying they had been “using this hack for years.” They added: “I traveled to Cancun two years ago for 800 total price for four days (including flights, food, and hotel).”

Do You Trust This Hack?

Will you use this hack to book flights from now on, or will you stick to the methods you know and trust? Let us know if you have any booking hacks of your own in the comments below.

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