He Traveled Abroad With Zero Expectations and Had the Time of His Life! Here Is How You Can Do It Too.

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Many places in the world have bad reputations online for one reason or another. While the reality is that the majority of places have good spots and bad spots, reputations can put people off from traveling to some truly amazing places.

One place that has a particularly poor reputation on Reddit is Egypt. One user, however, has recently returned from a trip there and loved every minute. He took the platform to share exactly what he did…

Making the Most of Egypt

The original poster (OP) explains that he recently booked a trip to Egypt due to finding a good deal. However, he said his expectations were at rock bottom after reading on a travel forum that the country is famed for harassment and scams.

Setting The Record Straight

However, upon his return, he has taken to the platform to set the record straight. He said the key to his enjoyment was pre-planning. He offered other travel community members a bucketload of advice on how to get the most out of Egypt. Here are some highlights:

  • Book a guide for the pyramids because it means you can avoid all harassment.
  • Book someone to drive you to and from remote attractions.
  • Respect the tipping culture.
  • Refuse service you don’t want or need, like people offering to carry your luggage through the airport.
  • Be firm with touts, and they will soon back off.
  • Learn to read some basic Arabic before you, particularly numbers.
  • You don’t need a guide for Cairo and Alexandria as they are both perfectly safe places to visit on your own.
  • Don’t buy any souvenirs without price tags on them.

While OP accepts that certain advice, such as the recommendation to hire a driver for certain activities, may cost a little extra, he says it is well worth it. He feels that Egypt is an incredibly rewarding country that gave him moments he will never forget.

For him, the trip’s highlight was the feeling he got when his pyramid guide opened up a queen’s tomb to reveal the stunning wall paintings.

Disagreement in the Comments

Despite OP’s detailed travel report, many people were very dismissive of what he had to say about Egypt, as many of the issues that travelers face when in Egypt are exclusively related to women and girls. One person said:

“Females here who traveled in Egypt three times. Even when chaperoned at all times, I had a very, very not good experience.”

Another person added that they were glad that OP had a good time but that Egypt is only “really dangerous for women.”

Girlfriend Offers Her Thoughts

This prompted OP’s girlfriend (who traveled with him) to offer her thoughts on the trip. She says that she didn’t face too many uncomfortable situations and tried to blend him by wearing “respectful clothing” at all times. However, she acknowledged that her experience would have likely been different had she not been there with a man.

Do You Agree?

Have you ever been to Egypt? If so, how was your experience, and do your thoughts match up with what OPs? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit.

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