He Trys a Travel Hack to Get Upgraded to First Class and Loses $130. Did He Go Too Far?

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The internet is full of supposed “travel hacks.” Sadly, many aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Recently, a regular traveler on TikTok decided to test out a hack that he had seen on the same app. According to the hack, buying Starbucks gift cards (or any substantial gift for that matter) for flight attendants earns you a spot in first class. So let’s see how he got on.

A Rollercoaster Experience

The TikTokker, who goes by the name of Xtravels, started off the video by saying that he was originally going to book a ticket in first class for the flight, but when he went to do it, the prices were excessive at $12,000.

Deciding to pass on first class, Xtravels booked a standard ticket but thought he’d give the Starbucks gift card hack a go as he noticed first-class seats were still available. So before heading to the airport on the day of his flight, he purchased eight Starbucks gift cards for $15 each, meaning he had spent $130.

His logic was that if it got him an upgrade to first class, then he had effectively saved $10,700. On the other hand, if it didn’t get him into first class, it was still a nice thing to do.

When he got on the plane, he gave one of the flight attendants the gift cards and told them to hand them out to the rest of the attendants on the flight. The attendant thought he must have worked in the industry and was shocked to hear that he didn’t but “just wanted to do something nice.”

A Failed Plan

Sadly, it initially appeared that the plan had failed as he was instead directed to his booked seat. To make matters worse, he found someone sitting in his window seat when he got there, so he had to tell them to move awkwardly.

Anyway, shortly after take-off, the lead flight attendant on the flight walked down the aisle and asked to speak to him. She thanked him for his generosity and offered him a wing seat, meaning he would have unlimited legroom. While it wasn’t first class, it was an upgrade as he traveled comfortably.

Xtravels also said that the attendants took extra care of him throughout the flight. He said that he took a nap at one point, and when he woke up, a goody bag was waiting next to him, full of food and drink.

A Hack Started By Flight Attendants?

The comments section featured several flight attendants assuring people that king gestures go a long way when it comes to how passengers are treated on board. One said: “I’m a flight attendant, and I’ll definitely give you whatever I can when you bring us kind gifts.”

Meanwhile, another said: “If you just say ‘hi’ back to me when I greet you (you wouldn’t believe how often we are ignored), then I’ll give all the things honest.”

There were some doubters in the comments, however, including someone who speculated whether flight attendants had started this “trend” to receive gifts from passengers.

It Wasn't Worth It

Meanwhile, another person suggested that $130 wasn’t worth it for what he got. They said:

“Was it worth paying $130 extra for more legroom? I would be like $30 otherwise.”

What do you think? Would you pay $130 for extra legroom on a long-haul flight if you knew the money went directly to flight attendants instead of corporate bosses? Will you be trying this hack next time you fly? Let us know in the comments.

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