He’s Never Traveled Before and His First Trip Will Be a Solo Trip. A Crazy Idea or Normal?

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The notion of traveling alone is something that splits opinions. While some people enjoy the prospect of doing what they want whenever they want, other people prefer to share their experiences with others. This forum user is planning his first trip abroad (for pleasure) this year but is daunted by the prospect of going it alone. Let’s find out why.

Riding Solo

The original poster (OP) explains that he is 32 years old and has never traveled anywhere as a tourist before in his life. His only prior experiences of getting on an airplane were for business trips where he had no time to explore and enjoy the places he was visiting.

Trip To Japan

He has a trip to Japan all mapped out but is beginning to question whether he wants to go alone. Unfortunately, he has nobody to go with, so his only options are to either stick to his plan and enjoy all that Japan has to offer on his own or cancel the trip and wait until he has someone to go with.

OP explains that he is naturally anxious, and the thought of traveling alone triggers some of his anxiety. Even things that may seem minor to other people, such as partaking in a guided tour with other groups of people, are making him feel uneasy.

OP is far from alone in feeling like this; however, solo traveling has increased recently. 58% of millennials (the generation OP belongs to as a 32-year-old) say they have or would be willing to travel alone. After a pandemic, these figures are only like to rise with many people keen to see the world again.

However, he can’t shake how he’s feeling, so he has taken to a travel forum to ask for support. Ultimately, he wants to be convinced to go because he knows it would be a) good for him and b) a trip of a lifetime. He just wants some inspiration.

Encouragement for OP

There was plenty of encouragement for OP in the comments, with people keen to stress to him that solo travel is becoming more and more the norm across the world. One person said:

“Solo travel isn’t weird in the slightest. Millions of people travel solo. No one cares; you’re worrying about a non-issue. If you’re too nervous to go alone, simply sign up for a tour group. There are lots of great companies.”

Try Closer To Home

Other people had some wise suggestions for OP as to how he could slowly get himself into solo travel without going to Japan for his first trip. One user said: “If you want to go on your own but are worried, try starting with somewhere closer to home for a short time to get yourself used to it.”

Finally, OP received some advice from a traveler who regularly goes away alone. They told him:

“I traveled extensively alone before the pandemic. No one cares, and if they do, it doesn’t matter because you owe them nothing. You barely know them, and you'll forget their face within a couple of days. So have fun and enjoy your trips.”

Would You Do It?

Would you be willing to go on a vacation alone, or is the thought of being in an unfamiliar place on your own not particularly appealing to you either? Let us know if you have any solo travel stories in the comments.

Source: Reddit.

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