His Girlfriend Cancels Vacation With Him Because of How Obtained the Money to Go. Why Is She Being Awkward?

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Going on vacation is rarely cheap, particularly when your significant other has their heart set on a lavish trip overseas. For one Reddit user (21m), a trip to Mexico suddenly became possible due to an unexpected amount of cash coming his way. However, his girlfriend doesn’t want to go anymore because she doesn’t like how he has earned the money. Let’s find out if she has a point or if she’s just being awkward.

A Bonus Trip to Mexico

The original poster (OP) explains that his girlfriend proposed a trip to Mexico around two weeks, but he was unsure about whether he would be able to afford it. He is only 21 years old and isn’t in a job that pays particularly well.

Additionally, most of his expandable money is being put into a savings account because he wants to buy a new house. As a result, he told her at the time that he wouldn’t be able to go on the trip.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and OP’s company have told him that they will be getting a bonus this summer. The bonus is going to work out at around $2000 after taxes which means he will have enough to pay for his share of the Mexico trip.

Unexpected Reactions

Thinking that his girlfriend would be happy with this news, he rang her straight away to tell her, but her attitude towards the trip had completely flipped. She is now saying that she doesn’t want to go on the trip with him because she doesn’t think it’s fair that he has just been “given” the money to go while she would have to save up for a few months.

OP is confused by this because she was perfectly fine with the idea of having to work to get the money to go before she knows about his bonus, so she doesn’t understand why she no longer wants to. Besides, it’s not as if he’s just been handed the money on a plate by his family; he has had to work for the bonus.

Taking to Reddit, he wanted to find out if anyone could understand his girlfriend’s point of view or if everyone else thought she was being unreasonable.

A Reality Check Needed

Absolutely nobody who commented on the thread could relate to OP’s girlfriend’s viewpoint. One user said that he didn’t think that the girlfriend understood how bonuses worked. They said:

“She doesn’t understand the concept of a bonus. You did earn that money. It was just paid in a lump sum. I’m not sure why she’s mad, regardless. Maybe she thinks you should’ve been willing to go even without the bonus?”

The Real Reason

Others believed that the real reason why his girlfriend was annoyed was because she wanted OP to pay for her portion of the trip too. One person said:

“Her reasoning makes no sense unless she’s inferring that you pay her portion of the trip. If she doesn’t want to go now, then whatever, don’t go. Use your money on something else for yourself. She’s throwing out major gold-digging red flags.”

Would you be bothered if your partner was using a company bonus to pay for their portion of a vacation? Do you have any sympathy at all with OP’s girlfriend’s viewpoint? Let us know in the comments.

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