His Wife Gave Birth Three Months Ago, and Now He’s Leaving for Europe. How Can He Not See That This Is Wrong?

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It’s fair to say that when your wife has just given birth to your child, you should be spending as much time as possible with the pair of them and making life as easy as possible for the mother of your child. However, for this one Reddit user (28m), he plans to take a trip to Europe for two weeks.

Europe or Baby?

The original poster (OP) explains that he worked for a company that has headquarters based in Europe. He says that his team at work is being flown out to Europe two weeks later in the year to prepare for a product launch with a colleague.

Under normal circumstances, going on this trip would be a no-brainer, especially as his colleagues are talking about taking some personal time out on the trip to go sightseeing as well. OP explains that he has never had the opportunity to go to Europe before, so the trip definitely appeals to him.

The only thing *potentially* stopping him from going is that his wife is pregnant and due to give birth around three months before this European trip is set to take place. OP says that he’s excited to be a dad and that his wife is understandably not convinced that him going to Europe three months after their baby is born is a particularly good idea.

An Essential Non-Essential

He explains that he is able to work remotely, so going to Europe isn’t essential, but he would love to be able to go. Also, childcare won’t be an issue because his wife will be on maternity leave, and her parents only live around the corner, so she will have plenty of support.

However, he accepts that it is unfair to leave his wife to take care of a young baby while he goes off and has the time of his life in Europe for two weeks. Taking to Reddit, he wanted to know whether he would be out of order if he went ahead with the trip.

Let’s take a look at the responses he received…

OP Receives Huge Backlash

It’s fair to say that OP received a huge backlash for even contemplating this trip to Europe. One of the top comments came from someone who said: “You already know that you’d be wrong to go. You just came here hoping someone would say that it would be okay so that you’d feel better about it.”

There were others who were more scathing in their dressing down of OP, including this one user who said: “The timing is off. Your wife will still be healing. Your child may not be sleeping through the night yet. Feeding may not be going well. I would be hurt and angry that you would choose to have fun instead of staying home to take care of your family.”

A Small Exception

Another user took exception to the fact that OP had mentioned the fact that “childcare wouldn’t be an issue” because his wife would be home. This user commented saying that they were “so angry on the wife’s behalf” and labeled OP an “a**hole.”

Is there anyone out there who thinks OP should go ahead and enjoy some time in Europe while his wife takes care of their newborn baby? Or is everyone fully agreeing that he is crazy to even think about going? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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