Shocking Video Reveals How Airport Security Fails to Protect Your Luggage

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Whenever people go traveling, suitcase security is understandably one of the biggest considerations. Many people want to prevent their cases from being stolen or tampered with, so they padlock the zips on their cases together to stop anyone from being able to get in. However, in a viral video on TikTok, an airport security professional has shown the way that most criminals get into suitcases…warning – a padlock won't do anything.

The “Pen” Method

The official on TikTok started off the video, which has been liked 355,000 times, by telling travelers that a pen can breach the security layer of most suitcases. He tells us that while a padlock will stop criminals from opening a case via zips, it won't do anything to prevent them from accessing your case via the pen method.

An Easy Demonstration

Demonstrating on a standard suitcase, the TikTokker used a pen to pierce the suitcase section just above the zip. Once it was pierced, he could glide it around the entire perimeter of the case. After doing this, he simply opened up the case, showing how easy it is for people to break into suitcases.

The worrying thing is that airport staff commonly steal things from people's suitcases, and after watching the video, it's hardly surprising considering how easy it is.

He recommended buying suitcases with an extra layer of protective coating over the entire zip area. This coating/cover will ensure that thieves can't run a pen around the edge of your suitcase to break in.

A Mix of Emotions in the Comments

Perhaps understandably, the revelation from the airport security officer was met with a mixed response. Many people were alarmed because they wanted to know who it was that commonly stole from people's suitcases. However, after finding out that it's a common problem amongst airport staff, one person added: “not just steal, but put illegal stuff in it. In some countries, there is a lot of news about it.”

How To Protect Yourself

Other people in the comments had some recommendations for travelers as to how they can protect themselves from such an act. One user said: “always clingwrap your bags. Most airports have this as a service, but you can do it at home,” while another suggested following his lead by putting sensors in their luggage. He said: “it alerts me through an app when the bag has been breached.”

Other people were resigned to the fact that if criminals want to break into your suitcase, then there is very little you can do about it, particularly if the criminals are baggage handlers at airports. They said the best solution was to avoid placing valuable items inside your luggage simply.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you ever experienced suitcase theft? If so, could it have been prevented if you had known about the pen method? Has this video even made you consider purchasing a new suitcase? If so, let us know in the comments.

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