How to Sleep Comfortably in Economy on a Long-Haul Flight

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Sitting in economy on long-haul flights can sometimes be quite uncomfortable, particularly if the flight is overnight and you need to get some sleep. Things can get even more frustrating when you take a sneak look at first-class and notice that everyone in there can convert their chairs into beds.

Thankfully, a regular traveler on TikTok is currently running through a number of different hacks when it comes to finding a comfortable position to sleep in the economy cabin. Her latest post is arguably the most life-changing of all…

Making the Most of What You’ve Got

Economy cabins aren’t great when it comes to comfort. If you have enough space to stretch out your legs, then you consider yourself lucky, but if you’re over a certain height, then you really are limited in what you can do.

With this new hack, though, every passenger can benefit, provided they are sitting next to someone they know. In the video, which has now been liked nearly 1m times, the user (@jinymaeng) explains that all that you need to make the most of this hack is a hoody, blanket, or jacket and a functioning armrest.

The Hack

On most planes, there will be an armrest between each seat. If nothing else, they offer segregation between each seat so that strangers don’t end up overlapping.

Demonstrating the sleeping/comfort hack, jinymaeng lifts up the armrest to be upright and then places her jacket over it. Then, wrapping her jacket around the armrest, it remains propped up like a floating pillow.

She then rested her head on it to show that the rest won’t move when you apply pressure to it, showing that it provides a comfy resolution for those who don’t get the window seat. She then went on to say that the hack can work for both passengers on either side of the armrest, meaning that you and your travel buddy can both reap the benefits of this simple but effective trick.

An Amazed Response

People in the comments were in shock at how easy the hack is and that they hadn’t thought of it themselves. One person said the idea was “so smart for long haul flights,” while another said they would “definitely” be using it next time they go on a plane.

Other people expressed their frustration at the fact they hadn’t seen the video earlier, with the most liked comment from someone saying that they had only just gotten off a plane when they’d viewed the clip.

Doubters Enter The Chat

There were some doubters, however. One user questioned whether this method was any better than simply sleeping on your travel buddy’s shoulder, while another said that the upgrade to first class was worth it for sleep purposes.

Will you be using this travel hack next time you go on a plane, or have you got your own methods when it comes to getting rest while on a long-haul flight? If so, let us know what it is in the comments.

Source: TikTok. This article is produced and syndicated by The Impulse Traveler.

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