Husband and Wife Are Going on a Couples Trip Abroad but Insist They Spend a Few Days Separately. Genius Idea or Strange Behavior?

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As travel norms go, when you take a vacation with your significant other, you typically spend every waking minute of the trip with them. Considering you’ve spent a lot of money on the journey together and are in love, it makes perfect sense to do this, even if you have different interests. The idea of spending time apart from your significant other on vacation is foreign to us, but maybe it’s a genius idea…

An Unusual Way to Travel

A travel forum user has said that he is going away with his wife soon on a trip to Spain. They are going to spend time in Barcelona and Valencia during the trip, and they have plenty of things planned together.

However, he has said that they also plan to take a day or two out of the trip to explore different parts of each city on their own. The idea is that they get to explore their interests within each city for a day and then meet back up afterward.

Different Interests

OP says that, for example, his wife likes to spend more time looking around shops on cobbled streets, while he prefers to travel at a faster pace, taking in as much as he can in as quickly as possible. He is also interested in historical landmarks, while his wife couldn’t care less.

For anyone who has ever been on a trip with someone who wanted to do things that you didn’t, this makes a lot of sense, right? So what’s the point of wasting time in a beautiful city you want to explore, doing things that don’t interest you?

Weird Idea

OP came to the forum with this information because he was beginning to question whether it was a “weird” idea. He did not doubt that the idea was a good one. He just wanted reassurance from others.

Before letting the travel community Reddit wade in, he said that the relationship itself was terrific – they have different interests.

A Lightbulb Moment for Many

The majority of people in the comments thought that this idea was a fantastic one and said that they’d be suggesting it to their partners for their next vacation.

There were also people in the comments who admitted that they had already been doing this for years. One person said: “My husband and I split up on every trip. He loves to wander around late at night and explore, and I love to wake up early and see specific things, try restaurants I researched, etc. We have dinner together and maybe do one activity a day together but spend the rest of the time apart. It’s great!”

Whatever Makes You Happy

Others said that it was irrelevant what anyone else thought and that OP and his wife should do whatever makes them happy. One user summed up these thoughts well by commenting:

“Y’all are adults. If you guys discuss something and both are happy with the answer, then that’s all that matters.”

Will you be stealing this idea for your next trip away with your partner, or do you think you’ll stick to spending all your time with them while traveling? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit.

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