Are Your ’30s Too Old to Travel Solo and Stay In Hostels?

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Is age nothing but a number when it comes to international travel? Recently someone shared, “I have come out of a long-term relationship and have been studying at night while working full-time since I was 18.”

“I want to travel through all the rock climbing meccas, meet people, climb, and see a lot of Europe on the cheap. I have a little money as an emergency, but I want to rough it.”

“I am worried that other travelers will be much younger and won't want to drink or do things with me. Am I overthinking it, and nobody cares about your age?” Here is what the internet had to say. 

You’ll Be the Oldest

“I'm 37, male, and doing this as we speak, currently in Belgrad,” replied one. “There's no getting around it. You will often be the oldest person there and will only meet a few people who are 30+. It varies on where you are.”

“In Sofia, for example, there were quite a few older people, but in the Balkans, the primary demographic seemed to be Germans in their early 20s. So if you're a young at heart kind of person, the good news is that the younger chaps won't care how old you are and will happily talk to you.”

“I have made good friends with many people 10+ years younger than me on this trip. You won't see them again, probably, so who cares? Just have a good time and live in the moment. The more outgoing/extroverted you are, the less your age matters. Travel is a great leveler.”

Not at All, but It Gets Noisy

Another stated, “You're not too old. But I'll mention that for me, and I'd guess most people 30+, my tolerance for disturbed sleep, noise, and the general obnoxious behavior that comes with dorms gets lower the older I get.”

“Also, I have far more of a craving for personal space. I can do a few nights in a shared dorm, but I'll always mix it up with a private room at least 2-3 days a week and a hotel or Airbnb once in a while to unwind and have some personal space.

Travel Has No Age Limit

“No. Travel has no age limit,” a third user answered, “I've stayed in hostels only rarely because these days I can afford better, and when I do, I had a private room except for once last fall. So yeah, at 41, I'm old but don't care – and the younger folks have never cared, either,” shared one.

Hostel Age Limit

Hostels have no age limit. “If anything, they seem sad that I won't stay up and hang out all night. I'd not stay in any so-called party hostel these days, and at EDM festivals, I get a VIP ticket to avoid the mess on the general dance floor. So I can cash up a bit, but when needed, can still hostel just fine.”

“Travel is life, and I generally can't be bothered to care what anyone else thinks about it if I'm enjoying myself. Getting older is the best freedom! There is a certain freedom to rough it too, even when I financially don't have to – the simplicity of just the basics.”

Don’t Volunteer Your Age Without Prompting

Finally, someone said, “Nope. Also, if you don't directly tell people your age, most people think you're close to them in age, which can both be good and bad. So I usually only bring up my age if someone asks explicitly.”

Staying In Hostels In Your 30s

“Still, if you're in your 30s and hanging out with people in your early 20s, there can be a significant gap in interests, common sense, safety, and finances that could be more fun. So I find people to do something specific instead of a general hang-out buddy.”

Source: Reddit. We hope you enjoyed this insight into solo international traveling in your 30s. 

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