9 Items You Never Knew You Needed for Your Next Adventure

Young family with two children packing for holiday.
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Going traveling often involves spending an entire day in the week leading up to your flight packing your bags in preparation for the trip. While some people find this task mind-numbingly boring, others find it enjoyable.

Sometimes, you end up throwing something into your luggage on a whim and then later discover that it was the best thing you’ve ever done. A travel forum user recently opened up a discussion about the very best “unexpected items” to pack for a vacation.

1. A List To Make a Note Of

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This list of items will make a huge impact on your next travel adventure.

2. Wet Wipes

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The original poster (OP) started the discussion by offering her personal suggestion. One of the items she now considers “essential” when traveling is wet wipes. She said:

“I don’t use them when I’m at home, but they come in so handy when I’m traveling – wiping down surfaces on planes/trains, cleaning your hands when there’s no tap handy, a quiet wet wipe shower after a long – they’re a must-have for me now.”

3. A Deck of Cards

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Whether it’s a pack of traditional playing cards or a deck of uno cards, bringing some form of playing cards can be invaluable when traveling. One user said: “Playing cards have helped me to get to know a bunch of cool people late at night at the hotel.”

4. Travel-sized Board Games

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Following on with the theme of games, one user said that she always packs a board game with her. She said: “They are always a huge hit, and I played one for a few hours straight with some random Aussie next to me on the plane on my way home from Bali once.”

5. A Scarf

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One Redditor suggested a scarf due to its multifunctional potential. They said: “They can be used as a wraparound skirt for the beach, they can cover my shoulders if I’m cold or trying to avoid sunburn, and they can be used as an actual scarf if needed.”

6. Moisturizer

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One popular suggestion came from someone who suggested moisturizer because “skin gets so dry on planes.” This prompted another user to suggest lip balm for the same reason.

7. A Poncho

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One user suggested that you ditch a travel umbrella in favor of a poncho. They said: “A compact foldable poncho takes up about the same amount of luggage space as an umbrella. It’s not a sexy look, but it gets the job done.”

8. Elastic Bands

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One person recommended packing a tub of elastic bands. Explaining why, they said: “Use them on my rolled-up clothes so surrounding clothes don’t unfold when you take one out. Saves my sanity when packing and unpacking. Plenty of other uses too.”

9. Ziplock Bags

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One item that was suggested by several users was ziplock bags. One user said they were essential as they can be used “for anything from transporting food to waterproofing in a rainstorm.”

9 Items You Never Knew You Needed for Your Next Adventure

Young family with two children packing for holiday.
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Do you have anything that you would like to add to the list? If you do, let us know in the comments.

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