Last Minute Flight to San Francisco For ONLY $11.20

My last blog post was alllllllllllll about how I get free domestic flights (If you missed it click here). Well when flights are last minute, they can start to get EXPENSIVE! Just my luck, I decided I wanted to go to San Francisco to visit my friend for her birthday ONE WEEK before the actual date! The one way flights were $300 by this time.. OH NO HONEY! So here are a few tips and tricks on how to save money and how I got my roundtrip flight from New Orleans to San Francisco for $11.20.

What effects flight prices?

Two of the main things that effects the prices of flights is how far in advance you book and what day of the week you book them. Well, I had already lost the advantage of the advance booking so I had to be strategic with what day of the week I booked. It is also VERY important that when you are searching for last minute flights that you do the searches in private browsing mode. If you keep checking the price for the same flight over and over, the airline will get that information and they will keep the price high because they know that you really need/want the flight.

How to score cheap and affordable flights!

So I waited until Tuesday to book the flight the round trip cost was ~$300. Since I am a Southwest credit card holder and I use my card religiously I had more than enough points to get the flight for free. The flight was ~14,000 points and the taxes were $11.20. So if you haven't read my blog post about the Southwest credit card you should. Also if you use this link and apply for the card, when you spend $1,000, you get 40,000 points. 40,000 is equivalent to 3 or 4 flights depending on the flight and when you book (

Be on the lookout on my next blog post about how to get as many points as possible with your Southwest credit card!

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