The Most Exclusive Resorts for Luxury Big Sur Glamping

Big Sur, California, is one of the most famous locations for Big Sur glamping in the U.S. Despite its rugged terrain, mountainous regions, and massive coastline, it receives millions of visitors each year, and a lot of this is due to its beautiful scenery.

It is one of the longest and most beautiful coastlines in the U.S., studded with many California state parks and awe-inspiring campgrounds. Due to that, many people feel closer to nature as the shadows of industrialization do not taint its beauty.

Thanks to this natural vibrance, Big Sur is home to some of the best recreational opportunities in the country. It is an excellent destination for hiking, swimming, and many other camping activities resulting in the erection of many luxury resorts in the area for Big Sur camping. 

These luxury resorts have opened doorways to new glamping experiences. 

Visiting Big Sur and its breathtaking views should be on your bucket list, and if you are planning a road trip to Big Sur to feel that California outdoor experience, taking advantage of some of these luxury glamping resorts is the best thing to do.

What Is Glamping? 

Glamping is a luxury version of camping or, as I like to call it, “glamorous camping.” If you enjoy the idea of camping under the stars but do not like the idea of roughing it, then glamping is for you. Glamping can consist of tent-camping or staying in a villa with a massage therapist and chef on call. 

If you are glamping for the first time or prefer the finer things, I recommend glamping in northern California, specifically Big Sur glamping. With Big Sur glamping, you have the option to be primitive or bring the four-season vibe to these Big Sur camping spots.  

In this article, I will be putting together a list of some of the best glamping resorts where you could feel at one with nature and not lose that cozy warm feeling of luxury. You could still enjoy some of that Big Sur scenery, like the coastline, the mountains, the beaches, Bixby bridge, waterfalls, hiking trails in the woods, some of the best wineries in California, and nature's most refined masterpiece, and it would feel just like home. 

Big Sur Glamping 

Big Sur glamping
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Before we take a look at some of the finest resorts at Big Sur, let's get an overview of what it's like to glamp there. Big Sur glamping is available in different ranges. You don't have to break the bank to go glamping in Big Sur as there are resorts made for any budget.

There are options to glamp in resorts with restaurants or try the more affordable option, glamping in private tents and bringing and preparing your own food. You can cook by using a campfire or, my favorite, a portable air fryer.

So, here is a list of some of the Exclusive Resorts for Luxury Big Sur glamping.

Ventana Big Sur

The first on our list of luxury Big Sur glamping resorts is Ventana Big Sur, or Ventana Inn. Ventana Big Sur was originally built in 1975 by the famous movie Easy Rider producer. Ventana Big Sur is one of the most popular glamping resorts in Big Sur that has attracted many people. Although built in the 70s, the resort has undergone renovations and was given a fresh new look. Despite its many renovations, the resort still retains its 70s vibe, which is not tainted by the burst of technology that tends to separate us from nature. 

Ventana features modern architecture that is surrounded by beautiful redwood and oak trees. Its modern rooms contain amenities designed to make your stay at Ventana pleasant. You don't have to lock yourself in your room, you could move around the hotel and have a nice time at the meadow pool surrounded by beds, or you could take a visit to the mountain pool or the outdoor tubs where you can sit back and relax, and have a great time. You could even grab a meal at the restaurant on the property, Sur House. It is Ventana's signature place for exotic, organic, and local meals. 

If you need a place to relax and connect your soul and body, then Ventana Big Sur is the spot for you.

To book a spot: click here.

Treebones Resort 

Treebones resort is another incredible resort located in the southern part of Big Sur. Treebones features a group of sixteen yurts, or glamorous huts, carefully arranged around coastal cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean. A large part of the resort consists of yurts, but it's still one of the best glamping resorts, thanks to its many amenities. These huge yurts contain majestic king-size beds, electricity, hot water, bathtubs, and a floor made of pine wood. The only thing these yurts don't include are bathrooms, so you will still have to take a walk outside to use the restroom. But it would not be a boring walk as you'll enjoy the fantastic coastal views. 

If you need a better tent with a restroom, then you could book the Autonomous Tent. The tent is not a hotel room but a cocoon-shaped structure with everything you need, including a restroom with a shower. Treebones Resort's cuisine features local and exotic meals containing spaghetti, bison burgers, and sushi. You might have to make a reservation. If you want to cozy up with your partner, you could spend some time in the Human nest, a small wooden structure carefully designed to give the romantic feel of outdoor camping. It costs $300 per night.

Glen Oaks Big Sur

If you want to spend some time alone with your significant other, getting the best romantic experience Big Sur offers, then Glen Oaks is your go-to resort. It's got a mid-century theme which adds to its glamour. It has one of the most romantic hotels in the world. This makes it a great place to plan a romantic getaway. The resort was designed by one of San Francisco‘s top designers Steve Justrich. 

It has a wide variety of rooms for you to pick from. It has cottages, cabins, and lodges equipped with fireplaces; it is also home to the popular Roundhouse, one of the finest restaurants in Big Sur, where you can eat some of California's finest meals with local ingredients. You can also gaze at the Big Sur River, which is lined with redwood trees. 

Fernwood Resort 

Fernwood resort is one resort that offers a different kind of glamping experience. The resort offers top-quality relaxation centers and experiences. It has a wide range of accommodations which includes top-notch luxurious canvas tents, white heat, a picnic table, and even a fire pit. 

They also have hot water for a hot shower and laundry. The resort is equipped with bath houses, a tavern for meals, and a store where you can get whatever you need to make your stay enjoyable. You could also take a hike with a group if you wish to get a feel of the scenery and the natural environment of Big Sur. 

The Fernwood resort is close to the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, and you could easily get the best of both worlds. If you're not looking to book one of the luxury hotels, you could also book a recreational vehicle (RV) with power and water and have a nice time RV camping at the resort. 

It also has a nice restaurant, and the popular albino redwood tree, that you could see. If you enjoy viewing the spectacular albino redwood tree, you can make a short drive to Redwood National Park and enjoy the majestic redwood trees.

To book a spot: click here.

Big Sur glamping with RV
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Big Sur Campground and Cabins 

Big Sur Campground and Cabins is a destination you'd love to visit if you want to go glamping with the entire family. They've got campsites and cabins in one of the best parts of Big Sur. There are also tents and RVs equipped with showers and hot water, kitchens, and even a fireplace to keep warm. 

The quiet campsite hours, however, start at 10 pm, a rule they take quite seriously. A river runs through the property, and you could rent some tubes to float or go rafting on the river while getting a great view of the surrounding redwoods. You could make some reservations to have a good time, but you'd have to be quick with it as it usually gets filled up easily sometimes, especially in the summer. 

Ripplewood Resorts

Ripplewood wood resorts are designed to take your glamping experience to the next level. The resort is located off Highway 1 and is designed to give a great view of the notable landmark of Big Sur. It comprises several cabins, all fitted with a patio and a fireplace, and the site even has a pool and a river running past the property. 

The property includes a restaurant, a store, and a gas station. You could feel just right at home while enjoying the beautiful camping experience, hiking in the woods, and enjoying the view, and it only costs $200 per night. 

Saddle Mountain Ranch

Saddle Mountain Ranch is a popular resort in Big Sur located at Carmel-By-The-Sea. The ranch has recently added some new accommodations, including an RV Site, some cabins, and campsites, to make your camping experience memorable. Just like Ripplewood wood resorts, it is not very far from highway one. It has a hiking trail where you can take a hike with a group, or you could enjoy a barbecue at night with some other glampers while sitting by the fire pit. One great thing about the ranch is that it is super affordable as it costs just $125 per night.

There are so many things to do in the sunshine state. California is close to many other popular states, and visitors like to explore them all with epic extended itineraries of the US. Before you make your next camping reservation, consider glamping in Big Sur. Glamping in Big Sur is for you if you like luxury camping.

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