Thinking of Staying in Open-Plan Jungle Accommodation in Bali? Think Again

open jungle hotel in Bali
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We’ve all seen pictures and videos online of travelers lapping up the beautiful jungles of Bali from the comfort of their beds. Plenty of hotels and rentals are available for people who want to do this, and admittedly, it looks stunning.

However, one TikTok user has taken to the app to notify people of his experience of doing this and why he wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

“The Worst Sleep I’ve Ever Had”

In the video, which has now been liked more than 30,000 times, the original poster (HandLuggageOnly) starts by instructing his audience to shut the idea down if they are going to Bali, and someone suggests sleeping in the jungle.

He explains that he has done this himself and was sold the dream in the same way so many others have been. He says that he was told he would have his own personal chef, driver, and cleaner, and while that may be true, the fact that it was so open plan was a nightmare.

He said that the entire “villa” he stayed in was open plan except the bedroom, which means wildlife had free reign of the house. The minute he walked in, he spotted several spiders the size of his hands on the walls and a gecko the size of a cat roaming around the front room.

Each time they used the bathroom throughout their stay, they were greeted by animal feces on the floor, and he said he didn’t get any sleep because there was a “flying thing the size of a baseball” flying around the villa, bashing into things.

To top things off, he thinks an animal must have died in the air conditioning vent because there was a vile odor being spread around the villa every time the A/C was on. So, while the pictures may look amazing, the reality is something very different!

However, if you are someone who isn’t bothered about large spiders or insects infiltrating your personal space, then maybe this type of stay is still for you.

Backup in the Comments

Based on the comments, OP’s experience wasn’t exclusive to him. One person said that their experience was “traumatizing,” while another said:

“I left my villa in Bali the next morning because there were two lizards that crawled through the gaps in the sliding door.”

Other people were appreciative of the post, saying that it was “the type of travel advice” that they needed before heading to Bali, while someone else offered an exciting idea to any property owners in Bali who had seen the post:

“I think a better option would be for these hotels to have large tempered glass windows so you can have all the beauty, without all the beasts.”

The best comment, however, goes to a user who simply told OP that he had been “conned into camping.”

Was the original poster a little naive to believe that no animals would infiltrate his open-plan jungle accommodation? Has this put your off staying somewhere similar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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