11 Reasons Europeans Dislike Americans

Why Europeans dislike Americans
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It is a common saying that Europeans hate Americans. Anti-Americanism is prejudice, fear, or hatred of the United States, its government, its foreign policy, or the American people in general. Why is it so common to dislike Americans? 

Someone recently asked, “Europeans of Reddit, do you actually hate Americans, why or why not?” Here are the top-voted responses: 

*These are responses posted and upvoted by users on Reddit. These opinions do not reflect the views of The Impulse Traveler.*

1. They Are Too Loud 

One person explained, “I don’t hate Americans. I’ve met many, many nice ones. But I do see why other people hate them. They can be loud and a bit too positive to my dry, sarcastic English ears.”

Another user agreed and commented, “Some Americans tend to be brash and loud like an annoying child. If you act like a human, you will be fine in any country.”

2. They Spew Garbage 

“I don't actually hate Americans. I hate that they spew so much garbage, don't take responsibility (especially in political conflicts), and created Twitter,” another admitted.

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3. Too Dumb to Believe 

“It's the classic love/hate thing. Most Europeans are obsessed with American movies, shows, and music, but things like Trump, gun laws, and wacky religious beliefs are just seen as almost too dumb to believe.”

4. They Are Stubborn 

“I am very concerned with the stubborn conviction their culture instills in them, that they're the best, their cities (which are terrible) are the best, their transport system (which is impossible in a post-oil world) is the best, their politics (which is toxic and very undemocratic) is the best, etc. This concerns me because when the day comes for the Western world to experience its own crises, this stubborn attitude will cause pointless pain and endless misery to people over there, which will spread to the rest of us,” one sternly explained. 

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5. They Negatively Influence Other Countries 

Like the previous grievance, one Redditor confessed, “I don't [hate Americans]. I am annoyed at them sometimes, I am concerned with how the events in their country are influencing politics in my country.”

6. They Are in a Bubble 

“I’m British, and I’ve traveled to America many times. I love the U.S. but having said that Americans are a different breed from the rest of the people I’ve met. They are quite insular in that their media, tv programming, movies, news networks, and sports are mostly US-specific. They are raised in a bubble and unfortunately don’t know much about other nations.”

Another user commented, “I find a lot of North Americans are clueless about the world outside the US. Sure, you could say that about people in any country, but the proportion is much larger in the US.”

Another described it as a family matter, stating, “I think hate is a strong word. They are like a cousin who we wouldn't usually hang around with, except we have to because you're family.”

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7. They Are Brainwashed 

“We feel sorry for them more than anything; Americans are brainwashed into thinking their country is the best in the world, and judging by some of the comments you read from Americans on the internet, they really believe this is true.” 

8. They Are Self-Entitled 

“I generally dislike Americans as a whole – not individually. I find, as a whole, they’re far too self-entitled and self-important. They tend to think it should be their way or the highway. However, that doesn't mean I'll hate a person because they are American. If I meet a person I like and they are American, I won't stop liking them because they are American.”

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9. They Ruin Sports 

I don't think it's hate, but I feel we (generally) view sports very differently. My impression of American sports is that the key aims are to sell advertising and “be entertaining.”  In Europe (the UK, at least), sports are treated on the same level as religions. Clubs are often integral to communities, so the concept of Franchises is alien to us.

10. They Are Inhumane 

“I am baffled at the inhumane aspects of their culture, and I would very much like to see them fixing their society's issues. That would make not only their country but a significant portion of the Western world better.”

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11. All They Care About Is Profit 

“America is also the only developed country in the world that does not have socialized medical care. I believe to call an ambulance out in the US costs about $2500, and to have a baby can cost above $10,000. In Europe, we pay for that out of our taxes, which Americans seem absolutely terrified of, but it actually works out way better for everyone. The American healthcare system isn’t actually about healthcare, it's all about profit.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks posts of why Europeans dislike Americans. 


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