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Going on big family vacations can be complex and drama-packed at the best of times; however, this one Reddit user (22F) has taken things to a whole new level. She has decided to back out of a family trip to Canada because she isn’t allowed to bring her boyfriend, despite her step-sister (24F) being allowed to bring hers. While this may seem like an anti-climax, wait until you hear the rest of it…

A Massive Dollop of Entitlement

The original poster (OP) explains that the planned vacation to Canada is with her mom’s side of the family. On this side, there is OP, her mom, her stepdad, her two step sisters, her brother-in-law, and her stepbrother.

As the family is already relatively big, her mom and stepdad said that for the trip to Canada, OP couldn’t bring her boyfriend along. They want it to be a close family vacation, and OP was initially fine with this despite wanting her boyfriend to go.

Her stance on the situation dramatically changed when she found out that one of her step sisters was bringing her boyfriend along. While on the face of it, this does seem like double standards, OP then drops the bomb that her sister is blind and needs extra assistance.

She says that “apparently,” her step-sister feels more comfortable with her boyfriend around her. I mean, yeah, she’s blind. She probably needs a lot of support. So why wouldn’t you want your sister to be comfortable?!

But, no, OP is more concerned with the fact that she isn’t allowed her boyfriend there, and she thinks it’s hypocritical, completely ignoring the context of the situation. After giving it some thought, OP told them that she would no longer be going on the vacation as she wasn’t happy with them bending the rules for her blind step-sister.

What’s more, OP then said that she doesn’t think her step-sister’s boyfriend even loves her but rather just takes pity on her. Bitter or what?

Incredibly, OP went to Reddit to seek validation for her thoughts. What she got, though, was something entirely different.

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A Community in Disbelief

The general feeling amongst those who engaged with the thread was disbelief. One of the top comments was:

“Wow! When I read the title, I thought she wasn’t in the wrong, but once I read more info, I changed my thinking completely. It sounds like no one in the family is willing to help her on vacation except the boyfriend, which is pretty messed up.”

Others were more concerned about OP’s attitude towards her step-sister and how she doesn’t think her boyfriend could possibly love her. One person summed up the thoughts of the community, saying:

“OP is a major a**hole for calling her sister’s SO a caregiver simply because she’s blind. He may act as a guide and provide extra support, but he’s still her boyfriend. I get the impression OP is just an ableist.”

Is there anyone out there that has sympathy for OP here, or is everyone in full agreement that she is out of order? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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