Whenever She and Her Partner Go Away, She Feels Lonely and Isolated. Is She Overreacting?

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Going away with your significant other is typically a time for you to enjoy each other's company while you travel to new places and experience new things. However, for this one Reddit user (F39), her experiences with her partner (M45) while traveling are anything but that. 

Each time they go away together, she is left feeling unimportant and alone. So what's he doing to make her feel like this? Let's find out.

Silent Treatment

The original poster (OP) explains that her main issue is during the actual traveling part of the trip. Once they arrive at their destination, things are usually okay. However, during the travel part, things get on top of her. 

She says that as soon as they arrive at the airport for their departure flight, her partner will buy something to read and get it out immediately, leaving her to just sit there alone in silence. This goes on for the duration of their wait time in the airport and then continues when they get on the plane until they land at their destination. 

This isn't an issue with him being scared of flying either because he is the same when they travel around on trains, too. Then, as soon as they get to the hotel or villa or wherever they are staying, everything will go back to normal. 

She doesn't understand why he does it, making her feel super isolated. Although they don't live together, they are never short of conservation whenever they are at home so she doesn't think it's anything to do with having nothing to talk about. 

With a new trip on the horizon in the coming months, she is beginning to worry about the travel element of the vacation. She brought it up with him but still thinks it will happen when they get to the airport. Taking to Reddit, she wanted potential answers, which she got…

A Deeper Issue At Hand?

One user suggested that OP was over the top and said they also zone out whenever they travel. They said: “I'm very social but love zoning out while I travel. Podcasts, books, and albums I've been saving. This sounds normal to me.”

Another user suggested that the issue might lie with OP rather than her partner. They said: “Perhaps OP needs to examine why they're uncomfortable embracing silence when together with their partner.”

Following a similar line of thought, one Redditor believed that this wasn't worth starting a fight over and that she should just put up with it, considering he is fine the rest of the time. They said: 

“Given that he communicates with you before and after, I would just try to chalk this one up to his personality and accept it as not a reflection of you but just how he is.”

How would you react if your partner did this whenever you were traveling somewhere? Would you put your foot down or let them get on with it? Let us know in the comments. 

Source: Reddit

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