A 29-Year-Old Seeks Adventure Through Solo Travel While Balancing a Secure Relationship. Should They End the Relationship to Travel the World?

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In a compelling travel post, a 29-year-old individual shares their personal journey of navigating the delicate balance between love and adventure. At this pivotal place in life, he finds himself at a crossroads, dealing with the challenge of maintaining the stability of a relationship with an insatiable longing to venture out into the world and embrace new experiences.

A Dilemma of Choosing Between Traveling the World Alone or With a Partner

The original poster (OP) starts with a 29-year-old individual in a stable relationship that has lasted for two years. Despite feeling content with his partner, he has a strong desire to travel the world and has the financial means to do so.

Solo Travel While In A Relationship

The OP also has the necessary skills and qualifications to become an expatriate if they choose to.

The original poster (OP) says they try to convince their girlfriend to join them in teaching English in Vietnam, but the allure of a solo journey is still present.

The original poster (OP) says the individual is facing a dilemma, weighing the security and comfort of their relationship against the thrill of traveling and exploring new places on their own. Is solo travel while in a relationship really that bad?

Users Expressed Their Opinions

One user said: “Break up. I did the travel-the-world thing for six months. I held on to my long-term relationship, and she held on in theory just until I got back home. In practice, she hadn’t. I had a fantastic experience but could’ve had a far more tremendous experience with all the incredible people I met along the way had I been single. It made the break up that much harder because of all the experiences I had given up in staying committed to a one-sided relationship.

I didn’t feel she was being unreasonable in moving on because it wouldn’t be the first time in six months turned into a lifetime, but this time it didn’t, and six months didn’t seem that long to wait.”

Solo Travel Experiences

Another user said: “If a solo travel experience feels more desirable than keeping your secure relationship then I don’t think your relationship is that secure at all.”

Another user said: “If you are willing to drop the person you’re in a relationship with to go do other things with your life, then you shouldn’t be in that relationship. I can understand if you are in a shitty position in life and you have a terrible partner, but you didn’t explain the context, so I assume your life is relatively decent and normal. Either ask her to be your travel companion or break off the relationship it is actually that simple.”

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