How To Get Cheap Flights With Skyscanner in 2022


This blog post will be all about how to get cheap flights with Skyscanner. One thing about travel is that can be expensive. Well, today I will tell you about one of the tools that I use to ensure that I have the best price on airfare.

I have used Skyscanner plenty of times before. The first time was when I went to Europe and found an one-way international flight from Washington, D.C. (IAD) to London (LHR). The flight was under $200 and I think it is amazing because you can barely find domestic flights for that price.

If you have been following the blog for a while, then you know that I mainly use credit card miles to book my travels, but I found this flight for so cheap that it was better to pay the money than use my miles. So I will describe how you can get cheap flights with Skyscanner too.

What Is Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a meta-search engine. It functions similarly to any other search engine and it gathers all information about the flights and airlines that match your search criteria. One search engine that is similar is Google Flights. I like Skyscanner better than Google Flights because it comes up with more flight options and it even will have you flying with different airlines on one trip. This results in extra savings which is why Skyscanner tickets can be cheaper.


While the search engine is great, it does have some drawbacks. Skyscanner does not show data from all airlines. For example, the data for Southwest Airlines, an airline that I fly frequently, is not available on Skyscanner and you will have to search their flights separately.

Additionally, Skyscanner tickets sometimes have less flexibility and fewer perks. For example, the flight that I booked to London did not include bags and I have to pay a lot extra because the ticket was low economy. The way around that issue is to not check a bag or stuff everything in your personal item.


The main benefit is that you can get cheap flights with Skyscanner. You can especially find cheap flights with Skyscanner if your travel dates are flexible. The search engine recommends dates to travel and destinations to travel to that have cheap airfare available. It is always one step ahead.

There are many nice features that Skyscanner has. You can set up price alerts on a specific flight and it will let you know when the price of the flight increases or decreases. Similarly, you can put price alerts on specific destinations and Skyscanner will let you know the best and cheapest month to fly to that destination.

COVID-19 Updates

Skyscanner has a COVID-19 update map that will tell you

Booked Through Skyscanner

I mentioned my flight from Washington, DC (IAD) to London (LHR) for under 200 dollars ($189.10 to be exact)!!!!!!!!!!! To add the icing on the cake, the flight is with Lufthansa! Lufthansa is great for drinkers like me because they serve free beverages, including booze on their international flights. I don't know about you, but a flight overseas with free booze for that price is definitely a win for me.

cheap flights with skyscanner


I definitely recommend Skyscanner. I have used Skyscanner for cheap flights with many different airlines and I have had no issues. It has saved me thousands of dollars and is the easiest way to compare cheap flights. If you are a traveler like me and are always in the sky, Skyscanner is a great tool to have.

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