The 10 Worst States in the United States to Visit on Vacation

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Out of the 50 states in the U.S., each one has some great spots and some not-so-great spots. Depending on who you speak to, each has a claim to being the “best” state. However, what about the worst?

A travel forum user recently took the platform to ask: “If you won an all-expenses paid vacation to 49 of 50 US states, which one would you exclude?” Here is what people responded with and their reasons why.

1. Rhode Island

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One user suggested Rhode Island because it is “the smallest state in the country.” Others agreed, with one person saying: “I’d just look over while driving through Massachusetts and see the whole thing.”

2. Ohio

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One Redditor said that they would skip Ohio. They said: “Nothing good comes from Ohio,” while another user agreed, saying that they would pick Ohio because they “hate their highways so much.”

3. Oklahoma

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One person who has visited all 50 states said that they would not bother with Oklahoma again. Another person who had done some work training in the state was also on board, saying that the “entire state is terrible.”

4. Kansas

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Another popular choice was Kansas. One person question, “What even is in Kansas? Corn?” while another said: “I’ve ridden a train through Kansas six times in my life, and every time was terrible.”

5. Delaware

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One person suggested the second smallest state, Delaware. They said that “there is nothing to see in Delaware,” a notion that many people agreed with.

6. North Dakota

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Arguably the most popular choice was North Dakota. One user said: “North Dakota has t-shirts that they make in visitor centers for people that congratulate them for having it be the last state they visited. It’s the worst.”

7. Missouri

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One person suggested Missouri, saying that they would be “deep in the cold, cold ground” even recognizing the state. Others jumped in, calling the state “misery”.

8. Iowa

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Another Redditor went for Iowa, simply saying: “Been there, done that, looks exactly like where I live.” In agreement, someone else said: “Yeah, I can’t think of much reason to travel there for vacation.”

9. New Jersey

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One user said New Jersey because, in their opinion, it is “at best boring and at worst a traffic-congested hellscape.”

10. Mississippi

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The most suggested state was Mississippi, which is some feat considering it’s the hardest one to spell. One user said: “There’s nothing that state offers that can’t be experienced elsewhere, and in far better quality. I wouldn’t even bother,” while another person said, “It’s the worst at being the worst.”

The One Where I Already Live

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Perhaps the most sensible suggestion came from someone who just said that they would skip the one they live in. It’s a fair point; why would you go on vacation to somewhere that you live all year round?

Is there a state mentioned here that you think has no business being on this list? Alternatively, is there one that hasn’t been mentioned that you would discard on a 50-state road trip? Let us know in the comments.

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