10 Best Day-Ticket Carp Lakes in Kent

syndicate carp fishing in Kent; the best carp lakes in Kent
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Kent is a South East England county known for its beautiful orchards. The orchards earned Kent the name “The Garden of England,” boasting the beauty of the allotments. The area also has some of the top fishing lakes in England, with record-breaking large carp angler fish caught in Kent. There are many excellent carp lakes in Kent, and we have listed our top ten.

Carp Lakes in Kent

Monk Lakes

Monk Lakes is located in Marden. The address is Monk Lakes, Staplehurst Road, Marden, Kent, TN12 9BS.

Monk Lakes is a day-ticket fishery with many carp lakes in Kent. The fishery is spread over a 120-acre site and consists of 8 different lakes. There is a substancial mix of fish species in the lake, along with good size catfish to around 48lb and carp to 45lb. Seven mature lakes are available for use throughout the year, seven days a week. The fishery is in the heart of Kent, south of Maidstone. The River Beult borders the site.

There are 45 acres of water for anglers of all levels comprising two pleasure lakes, a specimen lake, and four match lakes.

The Main Lakes of Monk Lakes are MALLARD LAKE, BRIDGES LAKE, and PUMA LAKE. 

  • The Mallard Lake is a five-acre specimen carp lake. This lake is only for experienced anglers with the proper equipment. It offers prize carp of up to 45 lbs, with only a few under 20 lbs. The lake is limited to only ten anglers at a time, and anglers can fish three rods, so there will be plenty of space to put baits in different directions to maximize your catches. The species in this like are carp and catfish. Prior booking for this specimen lake is required. 
  • Bridges Lake is a sixteen-acre pleasure lake designed so every angler can fish in it. There is plenty of scope for Carp fishing with a good head of Mirrors, Ghost, and Common Carp, which will please the night fishing anglers. Bridges Lake and the adjacent lake Puma are designed to put all anglers in a tranquil setting. The species in this lake are Carp, Barbel, Bream, Tench, and Dace.
  • Puma Lake is a ten-acre pleasure lake. It is stocked with a full range of coarse fish, with carp up to 30 lbs. With water and power close by, these lakes will be convenient for all, particularly for disabled anglers. The species in this lake are carp, Barbel, Bream, Tench, and Dace.

Day tickets for Monk Lakes vary on the length of time in the fishery, the age of patrons accessing the fishery, and the number of rods. An adult day ticket with one rod costs £10, and two rods cost £15. Pricing for the specimen lake, the Mallard Lake, costs a bit more, with the pricing being £25 for a day ticket with two rods and £35 for a 24-hour ticket and 2 rods. This fishery has its tackle shop, cafe, and separate toilet facilities. 

Orchard Place Farm Fishing

Orchard Place Farm Fishing Fishery is located just 8 miles from Maidstone. The address is Monk Lakes, Staplehurst Road, Marden, Kent, TN12 9BS.

Located in the beautiful Kent countryside is Orchard Place Farm, a family-run day ticket fishery made up of 12 fishing lakes aimed at carp, catfish, and pleasure / match anglers. Of the 12 available lakes, 11 of them are specimen lakes. The waters hold excellent size specimen fish with catfish up to 100 lbs and carp to around 50 lbs. 

Orchard Place Farm Fishery has excellent facilities consisting of purpose-built toilets (located near the main car park), shower facilities, a tackle shop, and a food facility on site. 

Ticket pricing for a day ticket with 2 rods costs £15 and £30 for a 24 hr session.

Majors Fishing Lakes

Majors Lakes is a coarse fishing syndicate carp lake in Kent located in the village of Bearsted, just east of Maidstone. There are both coarse and small silver fishing lakes at the fishery with a mix of fish species, including common and mirror carp, barbel, chub, bream, tench, rainbow trout, perch, gudgeon roach, and rudd. The fishery has ample parking available to visitors.

The lake is a members-only fishery that costs £85 for adults and £45 for juniors (16-18 years old). If children are under 16 years old, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Cackle Hill Fishing Lakes

Cackle Hill Fishing Lakes is located on Headcorn Road, Biddenden, Kent. TN27 8JW. 

The fishery has two specimen carp lakes and a mixed lake. 

  • Specimen Lake 1: This lake is the main lake within the complex. It has carp over 40lb and catfish doubling that, so the lake can get very busy.
  • Specimen Lake 2: Recently, a good head of specimen carp were added to the existing stock of specimen lake 2. Since then, there has been fish of 38 lbs plus being caught. Along with carp, catfish weigh in over 80 lbs and with specimen-sized perch.
  • Mixed Lake: The mixed lake is the smallest and oldest lake in the complex. It has just been restocked with silverfish, tench, bream, chub, and some carp in double figures that remain hidden in the murky water, along with some catfish.

The facilities include a tackle shop, cafe, and a shower block. Within a few minutes from the fishery, you will find an Indian restaurant, Chinese takeaways, and fish & chips, along with a supermarket. Cackle Hill provides overnight lodges on the property, making it the perfect retreat for fishermen and women.

Stones Fisheries

Stones Fisheries is a family run fishing lake complex located in Kent. There are four lakes with a kids pool and two stock ponds.

The lakes at Stone Fisheries are well stocked with silverfish, including Bream, Carp, Sturgeon, Catfish, and Pike, to name a few. You can purchase day tickets, half-day tickets, overnight and 24-hour tickets. The property has two match lakes, one previously serving as the specimen lake. 

best carp lakes in Kent
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Chartham Lake

Chartham Lake is an all-around fishery with large amounts of carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, and pike. This is an excellent lake for the general coarse angler and one of the newest lakes.

This lake is a hidden gem and is underfished, so all the fish in this lake are beautiful and hard-fighting. With only a hand full of swims on this lake, if you like your space, you will certainly get it on here.

Claygate Lakes

Claygate Lakes are open to clubs, day ticket visitors, and night anglers. They are open seven days a week. They have classes for children and people who are a little rusty at fishing. 

The fish stock on all three lakes has been increased immensely, with larger types of many coarse fish, including plump carp (more than 33 lbs), all of the excellent quality that will satisfy the match angler and pleasure angler alike while maintaining the pleasant surroundings of the Garden of England. 

Westbere Lake

Address: 4 Westbere Lane, Westbere, CT2 0, Kent, United Kingdom

Situated in Westbere, Kent, this fishery is considered to be one of the premier fisheries in the South East. The fishery operates on a close-season basis from March 14th to June 16th. The lake is stocked with a healthy number of Bream, Perch, large Carp, and Pike. Day ticket fishing and yearly membership are available at £250.

A good head of carp is going well into the 20-30lb region, with the lake record being over 42 lbs. Bream are frequently caught at 13 lbs, tench at 15 lbs, roach at 3 lbs, and large pike at 30 lbs. They have clean and accessible toilet facilities and a parking lot with easy lake access. 

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Hartley Lands Fishery

Hartley Lands Fishery is a day-ticket fishery located in Cranbrook, Kent. There are six lakes and one smaller pond. All lakes are different, so whether you want to find big perch, to stock up on carp, or to stake out for a very large carp, it is all at Hartley Lands Fishery. The lakes are maintained to the highest standards, creating the best fishing environment and experience.

  • Bramley -Bramley is a specimen carp lake with 12 swims and eight anglers max. Night fishing is permitted in the Bramley lake. It has large carp to 38lb+, ideal for both short and long-session anglers. It is open from Monday to Sunday.
  • Nick's -This is a specimen carp lake with 17 swims and ten anglers max. Night fishing in this lake is permitted. This lake has large carp over 36lbs. Nicks is available for individual bookings from Friday to Sunday, and exclusive lake bookings from Monday morning to Friday midday for £800. 
  • Pear Tree – Pear tree is a specimen carp lake with eight swims and six anglers max. Night fishing is permitted. This lake has large carp to 30lb+, ideal for both short and long-session anglers, Monday to Sunday.
  • Henniker – Henniker is an idyllic, low-stock pond with two swims. Night fishing is permitted. Contains pristine carp from 20lb to over 30lb. Tree-lined making it ideal for stalking or for peace and quiet in a more extended session. 
  • Reservoir – A heavily stocked Carp/Coarse lake with 18 swims and night fishing but a max of 8 anglers. This runs water holds lots of double figure carp to 30lb+, bream to 7lb, perch to 3lb, tench to 9lb, roach to 2lb, and rudd.
  • Finches – A 11-swim Coarse/Silverfish lake aimed at anglers who enjoy catching various species. Finch is a mature hidden gem that contains specimen tench to 7lb+, Big Bream, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Crucian Carp, Orfe, and Koi Carp.
  • Samson – A 20 swim Coarse lake. It is stocked with carp to 25lb+, perch to 5lb, bream, tench, rudd, and roach. This lake is ideal for anglers who want to catch fish steadily throughout the day.

Mousehole Lakes

Mousehole Lakes ia a 9-acre lake site that includes three lakes (two specimen lakes and one match lake). The address is Maidstone Road Nettlestead, Maidstone, Kent ME18 5HR. The on-site facilities include Mousehole Kitchen, an eatery serving food and drinks, and a brand-new shower and toilet block. 

  • Kestral Lakes: This one-and-a-half-acre is stocked with carp up to 38 lbs. It has up to six swims if booked as a party block booking, but only four swims are available at any given time if booked individually.
  • Kingfisher Lake: This Specimen Lake is approximately 3 ½ acres with seventeen large swims. The lake has been constructed from two smaller lakes with two islands offering plenty of underwater features ranging in depth from 2 – 10 feet. All 15 swims feature compacted bark chippings and provide a generous space to allow the pitching of bivvies. There is also a new walkway around the lake, allowing clean and easier walking access. The current stock levels offer several carp to 34lb, a good head of the 20s, and lots of mid to high doubles. This lake also provides many other species, including perch.
  • Swift Lake: This match lake is a smaller lake with many species, including roach, bream, perch, and carp. This lake is also ideal for the novice angler to develop the skills to progress to our specimen lakes.

Our Favorite Equipment To Use While Carp Fishing:

Kent is a prime destination for carp fishing, with numerous lakes offering excellent opportunities to reel in these hard-fighting fish. From the scenic surroundings of Mousehole Lakes to the well-stocked waters of Monk Lakes Fishery, there's something for every angler in Kent. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, these top carp fishing lakes in Kent are sure to provide the best carp fishing in Kent and an unforgettable fishing experience.

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