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The most important thing for frequent travelers is ORGANIZED PACKING!! It's so tempting to just throw a lot of things in a suitcase and wish for the best when you get there BUT it only takes one time to be in a different state/country/city without appropriate clothes to wear. That is something that you only let happen once. Since then, I have been on a quest to find the easiest system to get organized. The answer, PACKING CUBES! So here are the best and most affordable options I have found. 

This is a life saver for women. There is nothing that I hate more than having to smash my expensive bras in my suitcase. This packing cube keeps your bras and underwear safe! If you're a mother, this can also serve as storage for bottles, wipes, and diapers!

Amazon Packing Cubes

6 Piece Packing Cube Set

These cubes save my life! I put everything from makeup to clothes in mine. On top of my things being organized, they make my suitcase look so CUTE! They help me keep my things organized during my trips and it makes packing for departure a BREEZE! Another perk is that they come in different colors and are only $9.99! For organized and colorful travel, click here!

4 pcs Travel Packing Bags

My last recommendation isn't a packing cube but it's just as beneficial! It helps organize your things and keep them separate. My favorite thing to use them for is my dirty clothes! No one wants to put their dirty clothes and clean clothes together so I use theses bags to separate them. They are very affordable and you can get them in the same color as your packing cubes and have a whole matching set. They are only $5.99 and  you can find them here

I hope that you found these recommendations helpful! If you want to travel organized, I suggest these products! 

-The Impulse Traveler

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