The Best Gifts for Travelers of 2023

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Buying gifts can be challenging and add to the stress of the holidays. When deciding what gift to get your loved one, consider their hobbies. If they are an avid traveler, consider a gift that will be useful during their travels. Whether they like to backpack, stay at luxury resorts, go glamping, or even take extended road trips, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for frequent travelers.

Best Gifts for Travelers


best gifts for travelers: EXTRA gum
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A simple and affordable gift to get your favorite traveler is EXTRA gum. With many people traveling during the holiday season, chewing gum is a small but mighty essential to pack. From instant ear popping on flights to easing seasickness, you can’t go wrong with keeping a pack on hand!

SHÁE Acquisition Work Tote 

Gifts for travelers
Image Credit: SHÁE

For women who frequently travel for work, a functional and stylish work bag that seamlessly transitions to being on the go is a must in their professional arsenal. The SHAE Acquisition Tote is the ultimate women's work and travel bag designed by SHÁE, the accessory company dedicated to crafting luxury work and travel bags for professional women. Made of the highest quality vegan leather and featuring a patent-pending structured design, this bag provides space and a sleek look without sacrificing quality and luxurious materials.

Sidney Byron Suncatcher Carry All and Tote Set

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Sidney Brown

Does the traveler in your life love to visit the beach and soak up the sun? This take-anywhere bag from Sidney Byron, the Suncatcher Carry All Pouch and Tote Set, is perfect for vacations to the beach. It features a trolley sleeve to help make travel light and a drawstring closure and zippered interior pockets to help keep everything secure. The comfy velvet interior is roomy enough to hold a day's worth of essentials and the exterior strapping keeps your beach hat securely in tow.

Gravette Instant Boost Portable Charger

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Gravette

If you or your loved one travels with many electronic devices then the InstantBoost compact portable charger is what you need. It is the most advanced compact portable charger in its category ever developed and comes with 3 built-in super fast charging cables plus a wireless charging function. It can charge 3 devices simultaneously and has a sleek-compact design to carry in the pocket easily. If you are last minute with your holiday shopping, they offer next-day shipping for free for U.S. customers. 

Monos Carry-On Suitcase

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Monos

Combining the most desirable features of both aluminum and polycarbonate luggage, the Monos Hybrid Suitcase was created for travelers looking for a sleeker, sturdier suitcase for wherever adventure leads. From the smooth floors of the airport to the cobblestone roads of Italy, this suitcase will remain sturdy for even the roughest of travelers and baggage handlers. These beautiful and chic bags are available in carry-on, carry-on plus, check-in medium, check-in large, and trunk sizes.

DUXIANA Travel Blanket

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Duxiana

There’s no denying it, planes are COLD! This ultra-soft, lightweight Travel Blanket is just the thing to keep you warm on your next flight. It is made of 70% Micro Modal and 30% Cotton and offers a soft, lightweight feel that rivals cashmere (but is machine washable!). It is small, designed to fit in a suitcase or handbag, and is perfect for chilly flights or on-the-go road trips. This blanket can be paired with the DUX travel pillow for the ultimate luxury and comfort. 

Tecovas Large Duffle

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Tecovas

This large duffle bag made by Tecovas is perfect for travelers packing for road trips and short-haul flights. The duffle provides adequate space for a quick trip while maintaining luxury and style. Handmade with premium Presidio leather and sporting an upgraded zipper, added leather feet, and an interior key clip, this traveling companion has never been more functional – or more handsome.

Exped Radical 45 Backpack

Gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Exped

The Exped Radical backpack/duffel combo can help transport everything from near to far, whether traveling around the globe or on an extended weekend in the mountains. The padded straps are easily stowed away or converted to a shoulder strap, making the Radical a super versatile carrying option. The extra long, straight zippered access in the center allows for easy and convenient packing while the side zipper provides an additional quick access option for on-the-go. This bag is perfect for adventurers and travelers looking for a bag with plenty of space.


gifts for travelers
Image Credit: SunShader

SunShader is the patented laptop sun shade and privacy screen that enables millions of travelers to work “efficiently” from anywhere. It lets you see your screen clearly in direct sunlight, keeps your laptop cool, and keeps your work private. So it's perfect for taking your laptop to the beach, the pool, airports, airplanes, Airbnbs, coffee shops, co-working spaces, etc. The SunShader is ideal for digital nomads who frequently work on the go. 

SoundOff Sleep Noise Masking Earbuds 

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: SoundOff

SoundOff noise masking earbuds ensure a noise-free travel experience from start to finish for the traveler taking long-haul flights or road trips with rowdy kids. Travelers can count on a quiet, tranquil flight without the engine sounds or distracting passenger noise. These earbuds block out all disruptive sounds with a soothing pink noise to deliver peace and quiet while traveling to your destination—and get the sleep you need when you arrive.

Leak Lock Toiletry Skins 

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: LeakLock

With LeakLocks, travelers can kiss their luggage leaks goodbye. We all know how much a leak in luggage can put a damper on a great vacation or business trip. They are reusable and eliminate the need to use plastic bags to collect leaks in luggage. They are also made of biodegradable thermoplastic rubber.

The ChargeCard Portable Charger

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: AquaVault

For the traveler who is always in need of a phone charger, the ChargeCard portable charger is for them. It is a portable charger the size of a credit card and fits in your wallet, and is perfect for travelers who are frequently on the go. It's better than any other portable charger because they are bulky and cumbersome. This sleek charger charges iPhones and Androids and has the convenience of built-in charging cables.

TravelSana Health Supplements

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: TravelSana

Traveling can be strenuous on your body. TravelSana health supplements are made specifically for travelers on the go. These supplements are specifically formulated to help travelers stay healthy, alert, focused, and relaxed while on the move. Some of the most popular formulas include: Peak Power, Sleep Well, Nausea-Free, and Long-Haul Circulation. 


gifts for travelers
Image Credit: MicroPerfumes

A common problem faced by many travelers is traveling with perfume and cologne. Microperfumes provides TSA-compliant travel-sized high-end fragrances. You can travel with your favorite scent without worrying about the bottle breaking in your carry-on. While this product is great for travelers, it is an excellent opportunity to try the fragrance before investing in the entire bottle. They offer hundreds of luxury scents and have recently introduced gift sets for men and women just in time for the holidays. My favorite set is the Nightclub Gift Set which includes Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, and Replica: By the Fireplace.

CalPak Hue Suitcase

Image Credit: CalPak

CALPAK is a brand known for its chic luggage that turns heads. Their bags add chicness, style, and functionality to your travels. A pastel twist on the classic carry-on, this bag is made of durable polycarbonate that can withstand baggage handling. Whether you are heading on a weekend getaway or an extended trip, the Hue Luggage is what you need to keep up with your travel needs. Available in various sizes, from a mini carry-on to a trunk, the Hue suitcases will get you where you need to be in style.

Made For All Loungewear  

Gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Made For All

Nothing beats a comfy yet stylish loungewear set on a busy day of travel! No matter where you are traveling, most travelers want stylish clothes that can easily be packed into a carry-on and do not take up lots of space. MADE FOR ALL is a luxury leisurewear brand that looks equally stylish around the house or on your next flight. 

All pieces in the collection are cut from the highest quality fabrications and ethically manufactured in the heart of the Los Angeles Garment District. The newest collection includes unisex hoodies, sweatpants, lounge pants, socks, baseball and trucker hats, t-shirts, women’s cut sweatshirts, and men’s boxers. Retail prices range from $15 for socks to $155 for their upscale loungewear sets. 

Green Ablutions Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Green Ablutions

Green Ablutions is a zero-waste hair care line that solves the plastic pollution problem in your bathroom while helping endangered sea turtles live their best life. Green Ablutions makes shampoo and conditioner bars that are TSA- friendly and can travel easily. These concentrated haircare bars are the preeminent companion for your next adventure as you glide effortlessly through security screenings with your bars safely nestled in sleek travel tins. Green Ablutions haircare bars are vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free, palm oil-free, and black girl friendly.

Cambiami Travel Sandals

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Ciambiami

A frequent problem faced by travelers is packing. It is challenging to pack multiple pairs of shoes when you have limited space in your suitcase. Cambiami customizable leather travel sandals are a total game changer when it comes to staying stylish and efficient while packing for your next trip. They offer an entire line of customizable sandals, allowing you to simply swap the straps and step into an entirely new look in a snap!

Hurdle Socks 

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Hurdle

There is more to Hurdle Socks that meets the eye. Hurdle socks are engineered with a special MicroGravity Matrix ™ embedded between the fibers that increase support and cushioning. The special fabric makes these more breathable and comfortable than standard socks. They provides one-of-a-kind comfort and are perfect for long walking tours, and rushing to your connecting flight in the airport. 

Munchkin Stroller

Gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Munchkin

This newly launched stroller is a must-have for parents who like to travel. Munchkin, the leading baby lifestyle brand, just launched the most anticipated stroller of the year. With the smallest dimensions of any other product on the market, the Sparrow Stroller is a must-have for families on the go. This would be an excellent gift for mothers/fathers who love to travel with their babies, as the stroller conveniently fits in the overhead compartment of airplanes! 

Red Light Therapy Machine

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Vital Red Light

Vital Red Light is an at-home, professional-grade red and near-infrared light therapy device collection. Their devices allow you to have premium red and near-infrared light therapy from the comfort of your home (or hotel room). Red Light Therapy benefits skin health, hair growth, anti-aging, mental sharpness, pain, muscle recovery, and more.

For frequent travelers, Vital red light has the vital charge device, a handheld light therapy device that delivers therapeutic red light wavelengths in an ultra-sleek design. As a travel-sized product, it is perfect for everyday on-the-go or traveling.

Wine Travel Suitcase

Gifts for travelers
Image Credit: VinGardeValise

This suitcase is perfect for the traveler that doubles as a wine connoisseur or just simply loves wine. The VinGardeValise® Piccolo doubles as an airline carry-on piece of luggage anytime, anywhere or as a checked wine travel case to travel safely with up to 5-bottles of wine – with room for your clothes and belongings on the other side. Whether you’re going away for a long weekend or coming back from a winery, you’ll love knowing that your favorite bottles of wine are along for the ride — and safe from breakage. The VinGardeValise by FlyWithWine is a line of tough suitcases that are gentle on glass, thanks to their dense foam inserts created to cradle wine bottles. 

RPlate: Digital License Plate 

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: Reviver

With the holiday season quickly approaching, a digital license plate from Reviver is the perfect gift for travelers who want a modernized driving experience for their next road trip. The RPlate is a customizable digital license plate that can be installed onto users' vehicles. The modernized license plate provides safety functions and allows drivers to skip the trip to the DMV with digital vehicle registration renewals. Reviver's suite of products encourages drivers to envision license plates in a fresh new way. Available in California, Arizona, and Michigan.

Nikon Z-30 Mirrorless Camera

Whether taking family photos on holiday getaways, snapping pics around your city, or capturing landscape shots on a new travel adventure, the Nikon Z-30 makes it easy to create Instagram-worthy travel content that will put your phone to shame. This camera is perfect for content creators and influencers that need a lightweight camera to capture on-the-go footage. It is the lightest Nikon Z series mirrorless camera ever made, designed specifically for video content creators, vloggers, and streamers.

WORKY’s Office Everywhere 

gifts for travelers
Image Credit: WORKY

The Office Everywhere is a first-of-its-kind laptop case that comes with key workstation accessories built-in. This is perfect for business travelers as they are working while on the go. The WORKY workstation simplifies traveling by incorporating typically bulky and heavy workstation amenities into a travel computer case. The workstation includes a LED video conference light, Dry erase board, Storage and organization areas, and a phone and tablet stand.

Practical Gifts for Travelers

We hope this list helped you find the perfect gift for the traveler in your life or even for yourself. What is something that you don't travel without? Let us know in the comments below.

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