The Best International Carry-On Suitcase of 2022


The carry-on suitcase is very popular for traveling, but there is a slight size difference between international carry-ons and domestic carry-ons. Most airlines let you have a carry-on for free so it's a good way to avoid baggage fees. I recently got back from a 2-week trip around Europe (London, Paris, and Amsterdam). While it was definitely the time of my life, Europe is EXPENSIVE as hell! So to save a little money, I decided I was only going to take a personal item and a carry-on suitcase because baggage fees add up, friend.


International Travel

Traveling internationally is a little bit different than domestic as far as baggage and security. For starters, I think that security is a little bit more “strict.” Normally, I could get away without putting my foundation in a clear, plastic bag BUT they were not having it! They went through my entire bag to find my almost empty bottle of Fenty foundation. The lady even had an attitude toward me. The airport I commonly fly out of is very small and I had gotten used to their “slightly relaxed” ways.

Another difference is the baggage sizes. An international carry-on suitcase is smaller than a domestic carry-on. I don't know the specifics, but if you want to know, you can read about it here. I think it should be the other way around but hey, what can you do.

The International Carry-on Suitcase

So I did not want to get way overseas and have to pay for a bag because it was not considered “carry on size.” So I found a carry on that was perfect for me for the following reasons:

  1. It is the correct size.
  2. The carry-on luggage was cheap (I'm on a budget).
  3. There is a convenient cup holder and phone holder built-in.
  4. It has a USB port for charging portable devices
International carry on

Now you may be thinking, I will never need a cup holder on my suitcase, I was thinking the same thing. Surprisingly, it came in handy many times.

The first time the cupholder came in handy was in London when we were taking the trains to the airport. We had just grabbed coffee (water for me, I'm not a coffee person) and were trying to maneuver through the different trains at different stations. It can get a little difficult to move like you need to with a backpack on your back, a suitcase in one hand, and a coffee in another. SO, I just politely put my water in the cupholder and moved on like nothing happened.

Unvaccinated travel restrictions with carry-on suitcase

The second time was when we were in the actual airport. We were all starving and our plane was about to start boarding. We quickly ordered some food and made our way toward the plane. The gate was soooo far away and it was so hard to drag a suitcase with food and a fountain drink in our hand. So what did I do? You guessed it! I pulled out my handy dandy cup holder!

My international carry on with cup holder

The USB port speaks for itself, we ALWAYS need a charger.

The Price

Now let's talk money! I almost purchased an international carry-on that cost hundreds of dollars. Then I found this one and it is only $54 and comes with an extra laptop bag! It has all of the features of a super expensive bag for a good price. I honestly had no complaints about this bag. If you are going on a trip or even just need to replace your carry-on, feel free to purchase it here.

International carry-on

2022 Update

I still have this bag and it is still in great shape. It was definitely worth the investment. Would I buy it again? YES x100!

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