5 Best Ways to Socialize if You’re Traveling Alone

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Traveling alone can be one of the most exciting ways to see the world. You can do what you want when you want and how you want to do it. However, solo travel can also get lonely at times. If you’re finding yourself a bit isolated and wanting to make new friends, this post from a fellow solo traveler at Reddits r/travelhacks community might be what you need to read today.

They asked, “What are the best ways to socialize while traveling?” Luckily, the commenters were happy to help!

1. Go To A Bar

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The number one response in the comments was a tried-and-true classic for anyone wishing to meet new people… Head to the bars! One person kept it simple: “My #1 is sit at the bar! Look up. Make eye contact and smile politely. Don’t rush to speak. Listen. Be kind. There are others like you everywhere!”

Another suggested an unorthodox “Murphy’s law” rule for making friends: “Sit at a bar reading a book, and I guarantee somebody will talk to you. Especially if you actually really want to read that book.”

2. Stay At A Hostel

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Other commenters explained you can’t go past simply hanging out around other like-minded travelers, specifically at hostels! This person believes it’s the default way to socialize: “Hostels are probably the most common way to see new people who are also traveling.”

Another had a brilliant suggestion on how to instantly make new friends: “Hostels, kitchen, make more than you can eat and share or chat with people there.” One commenter pointed out hostels are a great way to make larger groups of friends: “Stay at hostels, (you) make friends with everyone staying there (and) usually end up going out as groups.”

3. Check Out Group Activity Apps Like Meetup

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A few members suggested making use of online group matching services. One explained: “Meetup.com (has) lots of groups in every city with multiple interests.”

Another expanded on the idea: “As well as the other suggestions people have been giving, you can also join a Meetup group depending on where you are. I’ve met people that way. You can also join InterNations, which is a group meant for ex-pats in various international cities. Although technically not an ex-pat, you could still join.”

4. Take a Day Tour

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Make use of professional tour services.

Several commenters raved about taking day tours, with one saying: “Someone has mentioned day tours. I just returned from Lapland, and I was a solo traveler. Each day I made a day tour, and it was awesome. I met so many cool people around the world, and I never felt alone. I just ask where they come from and continue from there…”

And another chimed in to add: “Speaking to people on tours is easy, and since everyone is doing the same experience, it breaks down the barrier of being a stranger….”

5. Just Walk Around, and Strike Up Conversations

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More than one commenter thought socializing is best kept simple. One confident person explained: “I just walk around; people talk to me. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not, but I’m open to the possibility.”

Another advised that solo travelers need to make themselves accessible: “Go for activities, concerts, and public events. Keep checking the events in that city/county. You can also have coffee on the beach or in a public space! Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation.”

The Best Ways to Socialize if You’re Traveling Alone

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Do you agree with the socializing tips these travelers have given? When you’re traveling, how do you make new friends and connections?

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