The vast majority of the time, traveling is super fun. Everywhere you go is amazing, and everything goes as planned. However, occasionally, you will experience some hiccups and learn valuable lessons for next time.

Recently, a Reddit user wanted to find out what everyone’s biggest travel mistake was so that he could avoid repeating any on his upcoming trip. Here are the ten best responses.

1. Not Understanding Customs and Laws

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One user said that he never used to take the time to learn about different laws in foreign countries before traveling, but it’s now something he does all the time. He explained, “Landing in Singapore and hearing drug possession is punishable by death really made me realize I wasn’t in America anymore.”

2. Keeping All Important Information on Your Phone

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One user said keeping key travel information on your phone is risky. They said: “Put your flight time, flight number, hotel address, and booking confirmation codes on paper. You’re away from chargers. You don’t want your phone battery dying when it has essential information.”

3. Taking Wheeled Luggage to Southeast Asia

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Taking luggage with wheels may feel more convenient at the airport, but some places, including Southeast Asia, aren’t built for wheels. Explaining why, one person said: “The sidewalks are quite often broken or non-existent; you need a backpack.”

4. Over-Packing

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One user said that over-packing was a common mistake that they had made on several occasions until they finally saw the light. They said: “Most countries have laundry services by the kilo readily available. Laundromats too. Hell, you can wash the essentials in your sink. Travel light always.”

5. Neglecting Your Passport

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No, we don’t mean the condition of your passport but rather paying attention to its expiration date. One user said: “In most countries, it needs to be in date and valid for however long their visas are so that you won’t get stuck with an expired passport in their country.”

6. Visiting Egypt


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This was perhaps slightly harsh, but one user believed their biggest regret revolved around visiting Egypt and wanted to warn others about going. They said: “I’ve been all around the world, and Egypt was the only place I couldn’t wait to leave. It was a very unfriendly experience, and I was so relieved when I finally got on the plane.”

7. Expecting the World From Budget Airlines

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If you’re paying cheap prices, don’t expect luxury says one Redditor. They said: “Cheap flights are cheap for a reason. Don’t expect budget airlines to make it on time if you have a tight connection.”

8. Ignoring Hidden Fees

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Staying on the topic of budget airlines, one person said to stay vigilant when booking with them as there are often hidden fees that drive the price up. They said: “Budget airlines will try to squeeze every cent from you during the booking process, so be wary of that.”

9. Renting Cars

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Car rental may seem like a good idea, but when you arrive at your destination, you may realize that it was a waste of money. One Redditor said: “If your destination has affordable, safe, and reliable public transportation, renting a car for your whole stay will be more of a hassle.”

10. Not Checking the Weather Forecast

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Finally, one person warned against not checking the weather forecast of your destination before you set off. They said: “It’s easy to make assumptions based on time of year and location, but weather can be unpredictable.”

Most Common Travel Mistakes

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Are there any mistakes not on here that I would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments, and you might just help someone else out.

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