Non-Americans Reveal 5 Things They Absolutely Love About the U.S… And 4 Things They Can’t Stand

things non-americans love about the U.S.
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For many Europeans, a trip traveling around the US is something you only ever get to do once in your life, if at all. There are so many amazing places to see, and considering the country’s sheer size, it’s impossible to do it all unless you have many months to play with.

A Dutch traveler has recently taken to the platform to report on his findings after visiting several states on a trip to the US. Here are five things he’s loved and four things he has been left less than impressed by.

Five Things He Loves

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He started by revealing the things he loved about the U.S.

1. Nature

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The original poster (OP) said that he loved how vast nature is in the US. He said: “The sheer vastness AND variety of nature and pure wilderness here is unmatched in Europe. Specifically, the little nature we have in The Netherlands is laughable compared to the USA.”

2. The People

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OP said that he has found all of the Americans he’s spoken with on his trip to be “approachable and friendly.” He added: “I like Americans, at least their overall demeanor. I would be greeted and asked where I was from, even by someone at the 7 eleven. In general Dutch people are pretty rude.

3. Refillable Drinks

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OP said that this was a much-welcomed novelty. He said: “This is a small thing but really unheard of in the Netherlands. In my country, you pay the same price for just one tiny cup of coffee. In fact, all drinks you order are tiny in The Netherlands, and you pay for each one.

4. Traffic Lights

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OP appreciated the position of traffic lights in the US. He said: “I can’t for the life of my understand why we still have to lean over the steering wheel and get a sore neck looking straight upwards at the traffic lights in Europe.”

5. Doggy Bags

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Being able to take food back with him from restaurants is another thing that he loves. He said: “I find it very good not to let the food go to waste. Besides, I did pay for it, so it’s nice to be able to take it with me.”

4 Things He Hates

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He then announced five things that he hates about the U.S.

1. Tipping

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The tipping culture in the US isn’t something he agrees with. He said: “Why the heck do I need to be partly responsible for a proper salary for these people? Also, it is just annoying to have to calculate the tip every time.”

2. Breakfast

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OP doesn’t like how sugary everything is in the US, particularly at breakfast. He said: Almost everything contains sugar. Breakfast is never with fresh bread and fresh good meats and cheese. In fact, American cheese is awful, but maybe I’m spoiled living in a cheese country.”

3. Plastic

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Another thing he couldn’t get his round was the reliance on plastic. He said: “Too much plastic is a problem in Europe also, but the amount of plastic used here is bizarre. I also find it really bizarre that in every hotel breakfast, it’s all disposable cutlery and plates also.”

4. Imperial Measurements

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OP wasn’t a fan of imperial measurements. He said: “Gallons, miles, feet, and especially Fahrenheit is so bizarre. Almost all the world, as well as the scientific world, uses metric, which makes so much more sense in every way. Why does the US hold on to such an archaic system?”

What Do You Think?

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As a European, is there anything that would add to this list? And, as an American, is there anything on there that is harsh? Let us know in the comments.

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