11 Things to Avoid When Traveling to Europe

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A trip around Europe is often a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many people, so it’s important that you get it right. There are countless places to visit, all unique and beautiful in their own right; however, there are also some places and activities that you should steer clear of.

A travel forum user has recently asked about things to avoid when traveling around Europe. So here are 11 golden pieces of advice from people who have been there and done it.

1. Pickpockets

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This seems obvious to try and avoid, but one user wanted to make people aware of where they are most prominent. They said: “There is a stigma that Eastern Europe, like Romania and Bulgaria, is dangerous, but pickpocketing happens more in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, etc.”

2. Pushy Restaurants

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Many European cities are famed for their food so you should be wary of any restaurants that have people outside trying to usher you in. One person said: “They will shove a menu in your face, talk fast, and usually offer you a free drink/entree/dessert to basically get you to feel bad about turning them down.”

3. Translated Menus

While this may seem helpful, it also means that the restaurant is designed for tourists, which means there could be better food elsewhere. One user said: “If a menu has 4-5 languages, then they’re probably leaning in real hard on the tourist dollar and should be avoided.”

4. American Chain Restaurants

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One user made a very valid point about food places to avoid. They said: “You flew 5,000 miles across an ocean, don’t waste your time eating American food you could have gotten in Ohio.

5. Cycle Paths

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Cycling is very popular in some European cities, and it can be easy to mistake cycle paths for sidewalks. One Redditor mentioned that this is something to keep an eye on in the Netherlands.

6. Street Sellers

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One user said that street scammers are something to avoid and that they are “rampant in Paris.” Another person said: “No one warned us before we went over. Never seen anything like the level of scamming.”

7. People Giving You Things

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Sure, on paper, the idea of being gifted something is great. But one user warns, “Once it is in your hands, they start asking for money. They even gave one of my kids a flower and then wouldn’t take it back.”

8. Telling Taxi Drivers What Route to Take in the UK

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This will annoy them, especially as they know where they’re going better than you. One person said: “Black cab drivers in England know where they’re going better than you and your maps app.”

9. High Heels in Germany

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This specific suggestion came from someone who said: “Do not, for the love of god, wear stilettos in Germany. You will slip and fall in front of 100 people, including children, who will point and laugh at you as you wobble away on the cobblestone.”

10. Renting a Car

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Another Redditor said: “Don’t rent a car if you’re going to stay at a major capital. It’s not worth it; using public transport and getting an occasional Uber is much better.”

11. Messing With Royal Guards in London

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One user clarified that messing with these guards will land you in serious trouble. They said: “Tourists and YouTubers are constantly harassing them, then b***h about it when the guard violently shoves them out of the way.”

Things People Should Avoid When Traveling to Europe

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Do you have anything that you would like to add to the list? If you do, let us know in the comments.

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