9 Tips for Finding the Best Restaurants When Traveling

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One of the most exciting things when traveling is trying new foods and exploring local cuisine. However, finding good restaurants that serve authentic dishes and have a pleasant atmosphere can be challenging. In this post, we’ll share some tips for discovering the best restaurants when you’re on the go.

1. Ask Locals for Recommendations

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One of the best ways to find good restaurants is by asking locals for their favorite places to eat. This can be a great opportunity to get insider tips and discover hidden gems that aren’t listed in guidebooks.

2. Check Online Reviews

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Online reviews can be valuable when searching for good restaurants. Look for sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Maps, where you can read reviews and ratings from other travelers. Pay attention to comments about the quality of the food, the service, and the ambiance.

3. Look For Restaurants with Long Lines

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If you see a restaurant with a long line, chances are it’s a popular spot with great food. People are often willing to wait in line for a good meal, so consider these places and add them to your list of must-try restaurants.

4. Check Out Food Markets and Food Stalls

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Food markets and food stalls are often great places to find local cuisine and try new foods. These locations often offer a variety of dishes, so you can sample a little bit of everything and find your new favorite food.

5. Try to Avoid Tourist Traps

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Tourist traps are restaurants that are specifically designed to cater to tourists. As a result, they may have high prices, low-quality food, and a lack of atmosphere. To avoid these restaurants, research and look for recommendations from locals or other travelers.

6. Good Restaurants Are Everywhere

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Finding good restaurants when traveling can be a fun and delicious adventure. Using these tips, you can discover new and exciting places to eat, try new foods, and have a memorable dining experience. Happy eating!

Travelers Voiced Their Opinions

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A user said, “If the menu is long, there is a cheap/tacky interior, portions are large servings, or the restaurant has some sort of “gimmick” I would be somewhat apprehensive about eating there. For instance, in Italy, there are a lot of touristy places where you can mix and match pasta shapes with a special sauce, and it’s generally not especially good. Another thing is if you are familiar with the different regional cuisines and a restaurant is serving just typically dishes from disparate regions. If the food is suspiciously cheap, you’re probably going to get what you pay for.”

8. No Accounting For Tastes

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Another said, “The problem is there’s no accounting for tastes. Even restaurants with the best reviews on Google, Yelp, etc., with plenty of tourists, happily saying the place ‘wowed’ them, might not be up to par for you. I would take some pressure off yourself and accept you’re going to wander into one or two average places by mistake. You’ll enjoy your trip more, and the good places will be that much better.”

9. Look At Photos

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Another said, “I walk around and choose a place with lots of people in it, including locals, preferably not right in the middle of a tourist trap area. My boyfriend likes to look up reviews on Yelp, Google, and maybe Tripadvisor if you want to know what other tourists liked (in some destinations, my palate doesn’t always align with local preferences). Once we have a few ideas, we view the menu and look at photos. I’ll do this if we want to make a reservation or choose a pricier restaurant. Otherwise, yeah, just walk around and see what looks like a hot spot.”

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned that asking locals is a good way to find hidden gems when you are looking for a restaurant. As far as I know, the best restaurants are usually small businesses that are owned by families. I would imagine that a family-owned restaurant will try to make food that tastes as good as possible.

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