10 Tips for Traveling With Pets as Digital Nomads

traveling with pets
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How do you handle traveling with pets as a digital nomad? Someone recently shared, “I’ve got two huskies, but also trying to live a nomad life. However, it prevents me from long-distance flights, and frequent relocations cause harm to my dogs. How do you handle this?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Be Prepared for a Ton of Paperwork

One person explained, “Imagine living nomadically with a newborn. It's like that but with more paperwork and pains in the bum.” Another argued, “Nah. More paperwork, yes – which is ridiculous.”

“But my dog is super chill, unlike a newborn. If I want to go for a walk, she's ready. If I want to sleep eight hours, she agrees. So nobody will call dog protection services if I want to go out for a coffee and leave her alone. She makes no fuss.”

2. Consider How Long Your Stays Will Be

“I would only bring my pet if I were to stay put for a minimum of three months. Travel is stressful for most pets. You might have more success in reducing stress for your pet if you raise them from a puppy/kitten to be used to travel and change (by traveling with them),” another suggested.

3. Planning Traveling and Knowing the Rules for Your Destinations

“I only travel domestically in the U.S. (my home country),” replied one. “Flights with the dogs are a no-go. I have heard there's a new airline with fewer restrictions on keeping pets in the cabin, but I've yet to look into this seriously.”

“I drive my jeep state to state and limit the time in the car to less than 7 hours a day with breaks for water and stretching the legs. I haven't tried crossing the border because it would wreck my boys to get detained for whatever reason.” 

4. Consider the Housing For Your Pets

“I make a very comfortable living in tech and can get a nice, pet-friendly Airbnb. However, this is not always realistic for everyone. Getting an RV or towing a trailer may be a better solution. I'm looking into switching to this method next year,” another admitted.

5. Keeping Up on Your Pets Health

“It's important to become aware of pet emergency clinics since you will most likely only visit a vet once a year for vaccinations and medications. Without an established relationship with a local vet, there is no guarantee they can see you right away. When I see the vet, I also ensure I stock up on a year's worth of medications,” a third user informed. 

6. Be Prepared Before You Arrive

“I'm with my two cats, and it was easier and more complicated than I expected,” said one. “However, finding a place to live was easy. I filtered my searches for only locations that allowed pets and confirmed this well ahead of time.”

7. Consider Boarding With Friends or Family

“You might see if someone in your life is willing to take them,” replied another. “For example, I had a friend who watched another friend's cat for a year while they worked overseas.”

“The arrangement was that the owner bought all the food, paid medical bills, etc. So you might find someone who would love to own a couple of dogs for a few months without the financial obligations. Or the added stress on them if they aren't happy travelers.” 

8. Prepare for the Cost

One user stated, “It's doable but can be pricey. Many places don't rent to pet owners, even in dog-friendly countries. You may find some that do, and you may be able to convince someone who says ‘no pets' to let you rent their place, but it will severely limit your choices, cost more, and put your tenancy at risk if the neighbors complain.” 

“If you accept that, add the vet costs, the shipping costs, and the import tests and fees, and do the math on whether it's worth it. A cat is less expensive than a dog.”

9. Create a Comfortable Environment

“We traveled with a crate and put her blanket in the crate. Our cockapoo started to associate it as her place of consistency, so whenever we were staying somewhere new, the first thing we'd unload and set up was her crate,” shared one.

“Similarly, we'd make sure whenever we packed up the car and unloaded her crate with some of our stuff in the first batch so she'd know she was coming with us. It helped her a lot. Once we set up her crate, she would calm down and lie in it with the door open.”

10. Pick a Base 

“You pick a base you could comfortably stay at for five to six years and travel from there. Sometimes you'll be able to bring your dogs with you on the little trips; other times, you might have to leave them at a pet hotel or with pet sitters or friends,” a final person suggested. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of tips for traveling with pets as digital nomads.  

Source: Reddit.

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