Top 10 Countries Digital Nomads Refuse to Visit Again

worst countries for digital nomads
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Someone recently asked the digital nomads of a travel forum – What are the worst countries for you? To which countries do you want to avoid traveling? Why? Here are the most talked about responses. 

1. Egypt

worst countries for digital nomads
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Sadly, Egypt is on many lists of places people refuse to revisit, primarily because of the sexual harassment of women. However, Egypt is rich in history, and many still want to go. 

So one woman shared, “Sing to yourself when walking the markets. An old lady told me this because I was being hassled (as a young girl), and they left me well alone.”

2. Morocco

worst countries for digital nomads
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Many digital nomads agreed that they didn't care for Morocco. In contrast, others insisted they loved it and couldn't understand the hate. One said, “Unfortunately, your experience will depend on your ethnicity.

Two people of different racial makeup can go to the same place at the same time and be identical twins in terms of personality yet have opposite experiences solely based on their ethnicity. Such is the world we live in, unfortunately.” 

Another suggested, “If you pretend you're French. And say no harshly. We're English, and they wouldn't take no for an answer, but as French people, not a problem.”

Finally, a traveler replied, “If you have to sing or impersonate someone else in order not to be harassed, I can understand why you would not want to return to a place.”

3. America

worst countries for digital nomads
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One nomad volunteered, “America. I don't see the appeal. I know loads of people love it, and I don't hate it. It's just meh. I find so many places with cultures far more interesting that I don't want to waste my time and money traveling there again.”

While many people agreed with this sentiment, including several Americans, it was repeatedly noted that the National Parks in America are worth the visit alone.

4. Denmark

worst countries for digital nomads
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“Denmark,” explained another. “I worked on a creative project in Copenhagen for 30 months. I know Denmark has a lot of things going for it, but the cold unfriendliness of the people and the barely veiled racism are big turnoffs. Also, Danes are pretty bland and rule-driven, creatively speaking. They cherish mediocrity.”

5. Indonesia

worst countries for digital nomads
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One said, “I wouldn't return to Indonesia (Bali/Canggu). Although the culture is beautiful, I felt uncomfortable there. I felt bad for people's living conditions. 

The beach was so dirty in the neighborhood that I had never seen that amount of plastic, garbage, and dog poop at the beach before. I ate exquisite dishes that tasted bad or were even spoiled. 

Some drivers tried to scam me. Foreigners act very selfishly and close their eyes to poverty around them. Also, I got Bali Belly, and the pizza place near my vila burned down to the ground one night.”

6. Italy

worst countries for digital nomads
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“Italy,” shared another. “It's a beautiful country with great food. But most locals I came across throughout the country were hostile towards me when they heard me speak English. 

I started in Naples. That wasn't too bad in terms of fascism, but it was rough as hell, and I got pickpocketed, and people were trying to scam me left, right, and center.

Then we went to Anzio. That place was a fascist area. Graffiti practically said it. The people were extremely hostile. To the point where walking around at night genuinely felt dangerous. Everyone stared. Everyone made it clear we weren't welcome.

Florence was fantastic, and I had no issues. Then we went to Rome. And surprisingly, some areas was met with hostility. And then, out of nowhere, near the colosseum, had a fascist rally going on. With people waving Soviet Union flags, deep south confederate American flags, and banners saying Russia is de-Nazifying Ukraine. 

And stop the invasion of Italy banners. It was ironic that people were doing speeches with microphones. It was very unsettling.”

7. China

worst countries for digital nomads
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“China,” one noted. “I visited several times over two years and found people were rude overall. I was often the target of attempted scams. Plenty of line jumping. Air quality sucked, etc.” 

Another argued for the people, “I was there for a few months and found them generally very nice people. Though very ethnocentric, I guess. The line-jumping thing is cultural. Getting in line isn't much of a thing. It can be annoying, though. Air did suck in some places.”

8. Paris (Even Though It Is Not A Country)

worst countries for digital nomads
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Nomads were careful to point out that it's not France as a whole but Paris. One suggested, “Paris is dirty, full of people trying to scam or rob you, expensive, and we didn't even have one decent meal there. 

The croissants were excellent, though. I did happen to stumble across a human turd on the subway steps, though, with a lovely square of tissue to top it off. Vile.”

Another shared, “It is known as the dog pooh capital of the world. Argentinian belief that stepping into dog pooh brings you good luck helps to cope there.” However, the original poster argued, “I mean, dog pooh is terrible, but when it's NOT a dog, it's vile.”

9. Bolivia

worst countries for digital nomads
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One nomad confessed, “I've been to over 40 countries, and my least favorite was Bolivia.” Another added, “I had a horrible time in La Paz. Not a lot to do, the public transportation was the worst I had ever encountered. 

I had unfortunate experiences with several Airbnbs where they tried to scam me. Also, the elevation and cold temperatures were uncomfortable. It was almost seven years ago though, so things have probably changed. I've heard good things about the salt flats.”

10. Samoa

worst countries for digital nomads
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“Samoa is the only one of the 40+ countries I've been to I'd refuse to go back to,” a final user shared. “I've never felt so targeted and exploited just for being white, sometimes feeling genuinely unsafe. 

Also, the dogs were vicious – you do not go for a walk without carrying a big stick with you (and I had to use it). It was surprising because I loved Fiji and expected similar, but the contrast between the countries was enormous. Unfortunately, because it is a very scenic place.”

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