Are you searching for some beautiful scenery, nature, and locals? Then we got you covered. After polling a popular travel forum, these were the top-voted most beautiful places people have traveled to and recommend.

1. La Palma in the Canary Islands at Sunset

most beautiful places to travel

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“I’m an astronomer, which means I’ve been lucky to visit some great observatories worldwide. Usually, the public isn’t allowed around sunset lest they interfere with observations (car headlights, for example), so seeing a sunset from up there is extra special,” shared one.

Another explained, “For me, standing up on La Palma in the Canary Islands at sunset, where you are above the clouds and at the edge of a giant caldera. Watching the observatory domes opening for the night with the rainbow colors all around made me think, if this is all there is, I’m ok with that.”

2. Australia

most beautiful places to travel

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Australia. The nature and wildlife there are mind-blowing,” replied one. “The variety of nature is hard to imagine if you have never been there. The landscape can change completely just after a few km (microclimate).”

“There are way too many beautiful places to mention them all, but Daintree Rainforest is incredible. It’s the world’s oldest rainforest and beyond beautiful. I hope I have the chance to go back one day.”

3. Raja Ampat

most beautiful places to travel

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One diver announced, “If you are a diver, Raja Ampat in Indonesia is a must. It is stunningly beautiful both above and below water. That place is like someone – created a CGI fantasy version of a dive destination. Out of everywhere I’ve dived, this was by far the most breathtaking.”

4. Washington State

most beautiful places to travel

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“Sometimes in Washington State, you can feel how peaceful it is if you go to the right place out in nature. You can also see Mount Rainier almost anywhere during the day, and it’s gorgeous to see it when you’re in the right area. Highly recommend Washington if you like nature and hiking,” one outdoor enthusiast shared.

“Seeing Mount Rainer in the distance from the space needle was terrific for me. I couldn’t stop looking. The park itself was unique. I made the trip this year,” said another.

5. Vanuatu, Bonga Bonga

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“Vanuatu is a small island of tango in Bonga Bonga. No utilities, just tin huts, and happy people. A community can be the most beautiful thing, and they have it. I’ve never found a place that made me feel more at home than Vanuatu,” another delighted.

6. Jasper National Park Canada

Most beautiful places to travel

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Someone suggested, “Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. The whole route from Jasper to Banff is awe-inspiring. Still, Jasper, in particular, made me anxious because it was so beautiful. I was at a loss for words and emotions to comprehend the natural beauty around me.”

“I spent my entire life in Vancouver, B.C. but had never seen the Rockies. I finally went to Banff and Jasper seven years ago with my wife and spent the whole time just saying wow. The mountains, those green lakes, it was all the better than I’d ever hoped,” admitted another.

7. Granada, Spain

most beautiful places to travel

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“One day, I visited a valley in Granada (Spain). It looked so unreal. With the light, mountains, and vegetation, I felt so alive. And when I think about all the other beautiful places I have visited, it becomes clear that it is always nature. Seeing something so spectacular, feeling so little, and yet a part of it all is overwhelming,” shared one.

8. Milford Sound, New Zealand

Most beautiful places to travel

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“Milford Sound, New Zealand,” replied another. “Granite cliffs shoot out of the sea, and thousands of streams pour down them when it rains (often). With the right timing, the light perfectly reflects through the water, and the whole place is filled with rainbow reflections. If you can take a boat tour, do it!”

9. Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia

most beautiful places to travel

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“Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, Australia,” one stated. “Stunning views entranced me into the rainforest and out to the distant ocean, the wildlife, the village atmosphere, and the wonderful bush walks and waterfalls. I immediately sold my Sydney apartment and moved here.

10. Glen Canyon, Lake Powell

most beautiful places to travel

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“I had a chance to visit Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, in 2009 (Utah and Arizona). We pulled our little boat down a side canyon into a cove just southeast of the Tapestry Wall area.” “I saw a houseboat dwarfed by the almost dome-shaped wall towering hundreds of feet over it. I’ve still never seen something that filled me with such an intense understanding of how small I am.”

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