Top 10 States People Confessed They’d Outright Avoid Traveling Through

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Are there any states in America that you would avoid if traveling across the country? You've got company. After someone asked the internet which states those are, these are the top-voted confessions.

1. South Carolina

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Woo. Someone warned that the South Carolina roads are so terrible you shouldn't drive them “if you want your car to stay in one piece until the end of your trip.” A resident hopped on the post to confirm the allegations and added, “Our roads are so awful it doesn't even make sense.”

2. Nebraska

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Many people in the thread agreed that Nebraska is a boring states to drive through before one confessed, “My wife refuses to drive through Nebraska anymore since it's so homogeneous, infinite identical crop fields.”

3. Texas

Dallas, Texas
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Someone explained, “Texas is miserably long to drive through with nothing to look at on top of it all.” Another agreed, “Yup. Texas has some of the most horrifying rest stop bathrooms I have ever encountered.”

4. Kansas

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One Kansan admitted, “I understand the criticism of Kansas for sure. To see anything, you must get off the interstate and take either Highway 36 across the north or 24 through the middle to see the Flint Hills and some towns. But it is one of those things where you're not going to see many known chain hotels along those routes.”

5. Mississippi

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One Redditor suggested, “Mississippi is neck and neck with Alabama for spot #51 in almost every positive metric. They don't have to try so hard for the position, but they do it for pride.”

6. Oklahoma

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Many in the thread agreed that Oklahoma goes on forever and ever. However, one argued, “Oklahoma does go on forever. But honestly, where else can you go from a desert mesa to a swamp or mountains in one day?

Our government might suck hugely, but nature is pretty darn sweet, in my honest opinion. There are some remote places in this state (looking at you, Panhandle and SW part of the state).”

7. Ohio

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“I hate Ohio the most,” one explained. Transitioning from average highway speeds to 60-65, “the cops usually like to look for Michigan plates closer to the border.” Additionally, they stated that it goes on forever without much to see.

8. Alabama

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Many people in the thread admitted that Alabama drivers never grasped the concept of using their left lane when driving. One suggested that while “Alabama is the worst, the Gulf coast is slightly better for Alabama.”

9. Arkansas

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Someone volunteered that Arkansas is terrible, except for the Ozarks. A second added that Arkansas is primarily fields, so you should avoid that place at all costs. “Treat that place like it was infected with some terrible plague, and steer clear of this place as your life depended on it.”

10. Pennsylvania

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Finally, people agreed that Pennsylvania is a state they avoid driving through. One explained depending on where you enter the state determines how long it takes to cross.

South to the north, good four-to-five hours. West to the east, it is about the same or one-to-two hours longer. Depending on the route, construction, and road conditions.

“I went from the Southwestern border of PA to Rochester, New York, and it took eight hours. Suuuuuucked. Towards the end of summer, almost fall. Construction and detours that went way out of the way.”

Did They Get It Right?

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What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or are there other states you'd add to this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The Impulse Traveler.

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